July 2, 2006

Rob Schneider had fainting spell?

That was my first thought on reading Terry Teachout's list "Five things you won't read about here." That and, well, what about Superman's politics? And has he solved his sexual problem yet? And why does it seem so weird that Star Jones Reynolds got so thin? And speaking of Reynolds, I see Glenn Reynolds is going ahead and talking about the the sixtieth anniversary of the bikini. Did Teachout not notice it was blog sweeps week?


Diecast Dude said...

You mean Glenn Reynolds mentioned something other than...

Glenn Reynolds?

Now this is a news item.

Steven said...

Well, the comic have resolved the old "Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex" problem.

You see, Superman does not have the superstrong muscles postulated in that essay by Larry Niven. Certainly, he is able to lift massive objects, but he does it though a telekinetic power, not brute strength.

(After all, if he merely had superstrong muscles, when he lifted, say, an aircraft carrier, the hull would bend, since it isn't designed to have all its weight resing on the two small points of his hands. Something else has to be happening. Telekinesis further easily explains several of his other powers (flight, invulnerability, super breath, and heat vision) at the same time, and with a little handwaving, can explain many of his others.)

Accordingly, his ejacualtions would be no more powerful than those of an ordinary man unless he telekinetically enhanced them. Which means he can have sex with Lois without killing her at the point of le petit mort.

J. Cricket said...

Five things you will always read about here:

1. Breasts, any mention
2. Ann, anything flattering
3. Hillary, negative mentions only
4. Ann, see No. 2
5. Breasts, see No. 1

Jennifer said...
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