July 3, 2006


I'll be on the "Midday" show at 11 Central Time this morning, talking about the Supreme Court. You'll be able to stream it here later.

UPDATE: Stream it here. It's a call-in show, but almost everyone opted to email. I comment on that at one point.


Simon said...

I loved the comment you made in reply to Kate. That was a very subtle way of making her look like a terrible human being.

I also appreciated your fair treatment of Thomas. He gets a monstrously bad rap, and in particular, people who don't like his jurisprudence tend to seize on the lack of questioning. I thought it was very nice to hear someone who doesn't have much in common with him in terms of constitutional views offering a fair defense.

I think it's a little unfair on women to call Kennedy a woman.

Simon said...

By the way, didn't you get the wrong case name? The knock and announce rule case was Hudson v. Michigan, not Davis v Washington. Also, the Court's online docket makes it easy to resolve the question of when cert was granted. It was granted before Rehnquist died.

Ann Althouse said...

Simon: Yes, you're right about the case name. Davis is the confrontation clause case.

Kate, was she the one who seemed to think Roberts changed because at the hearings he talked like a decent, reasonable man but on the Court he turned out to be a conservative?

Simon said...

That's the one, yes.