July 19, 2006

"Project Runway."


The snotty little man showed his vulnerable side... and had to be auf'd. He was so proud, and then he admitted his mommy hurt him and he wanted to show her, and then... oh, no! Evil mommy was right! You will never be a fashion designer! And the dress looked like that gelatinous tree fungus sometimes found in restaurant food you wish you didn't order. And it made one breast larger than the other: you can't do that.

Poor Malan! Didn't he kind of remind you of Heather Matarazzo in "Welcome to the Dollhouse"?

Didn't you want Angela to go? Quite aside from the way she tormented the poor Man on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, she didn't make a sketch during the 30 minute sketch period. I don't do sketches. How do you feel about long gloves? Ugh.

ADDED: Adam Bonin asks some good questions, like "Is there such a thing as too much ruching?" and "Is there a show you thought you were less likely to hear the term 'feminazi' than this one?" And I'd like to ask: Is there anything more distracting than having the word "Detroit" tattoo'd -- in large script -- on your neck? And don't say a woman's plunging neckline that reveals only the boniest possible chestal region.


cbi said...

Okay, Malan's dress was not very pretty. But, hey, at least he made an effort. The judges were wrong on this one.

Malan's exit interview on Bravo's website really makes me want him back on the show.

Moxie said...

I am one of the few who LOVED Malan.

It will be hard to watch the show without his made-up accent, white eyeshadow, black MANscara and soundbite quotes.

Yeah, that dress was unfortunate but it was detailed and showed effort and design.

Miss Thang Angela sucked up to Kayne. Told the client she "doesn't sketch" and then with Vincent, threw a tantrum my bratty 3 year old cousin couldn't match.

Ann Althouse said...

But the judges have never admitted to using the behind the scenes footage to make their decisions. All they officially had to go on is what Vincent said. They don't even interview Tim. So it was odd that they singled Angela out at all.

Wurly said...

Was Miss USA involved in the decision as to which designer left? I thought that if she was, Angela would be gone because then the other judges would have known that she was totally unprepared (no sketches) and hopeless (gloves) for the project.

Irene Done said...

Didn't Malan admit to the judges that he should be the one to go? This always gets you eliminated on PR -- (think Vanessa from Season 1 and Danial F from Season 2). Also I wonder if the judges think Vincent is just a loon and ultimately wrote off his criticism of Angela, which was pretty lengthy but also emotional and non-specific.

I adored Malan the minute I saw him wear a fox stole in the bonus video. I can only hope he will be back on my TV in some other capacity soon.

Ann Althouse said...

Irene: Malan admitted he should be the one to go as between him and his partner. That was plain. He was responsible for the fungal dress. He wasn't conceding that he should go rather than Vincent or Angela.

Wurly: Yes, Miss USA was there to report that part.

I think it was weird that she picked Malan's design in the first place. It didn't look right for a pageant dress.

knoxgirl said...

It was a really pleasant surprise to see that Malan was actually a nice guy. The snooty stuff was just a veneer that he discarded pretty quickly. I like that he and his partner were respectful of each other and got along even though they seemed like polar opposites.

Angela was pretty gross, but the first thing I thought when that guy called her "feminazi" was "I bet you hit on her and she gave you the freeze-out!"

I was surprised at the winning dress... the top looked all weird like it didn't fit right. However, it was the most pageant-esque.

JenL said...

On that tattoo, apparently Detroit is his son's middle name, and the rest of it is some sentence in Italian.

tcd said...

Sounds like Malan was raised by Joan Crawford of "Mommie Dearest". What parent would say that ("it will never amount to anything") to their child?

I agree that Angela should have been auf'd since she failed to accomplish or even attempt neither tasks of the challenge, design and teamwork. Malan, at least, attempted both and failed at one, design.

At this point of the show, my faves are Robert and Keith (despite his atrocious ego). I thought Robert's dress should have won for the first challenge. He's the Chloe for me this season.

Adam said...

Thanks for the link. I do wonder whether Malan's design was chosen because of his skills as a salesman -- Miss USA seemed to go consistently for the maturer-sounding designers in picking her seven.

Angela's not even sketching a dress should have resulted in elimination. Period.

INMA30 said...

I thought Keith was getting thrown off this week for misrepresenting himself in the "audition". They keep showing Tim asking someone to leave. I guess they need to drg us along for a few weeks.

Townleybomb said...

On that tattoo, apparently Detroit is his son's middle name, and the rest of it is some sentence in Italian.

Jeez, is this some kind of trend just for reality show contestants? The last Survivor had the guy who had a bunch of all-text tattoos, the most prominent of which was just the word "Boston", his son's name.

Dawn said...

On that tattoo, apparently Detroit is his son's middle name, and the rest of it is some sentence in Italian.
Is "Rock City" the rest of his name? ( Sorry, I couldn't resist).

I agree, Angela should have been auf'd . As annoying as Malan was, last night showed who he is underneath all the pretense, and I actually liked him, manscara and all.

I think Angela is the one who gets the boot next week.

Onions said...

Ann, I think the PR closing disclaimer makes some reference to the final decisions being made by the producers as well.

At first Malan made my scalp crawl, but now I like him more than a few of the other designers. He'll be okay.

It's so much fun to see the Bazooka Joe-like Detroit-necked dude's ego takin' a lickin'.

Kayne can die happy, which is a nice thing we see too rarely in life.

I predict Keith gets auf'd (bet that's the Tim teaser about having to ask someone to leave).

Watch out for Uli!

divarnmn said...

Why did Ms. USA not wear the dress that was designed by P.R.?

Ann Althouse said...

I saw a picture of her wearing it. Maybe there's more than one evening gown event.

MJ159 said...

You people who are saying miss usa didnt wear that dress are stupid!!. she did. You have to watch the whole pagent, the gown part is towards the end. At the begining they are all wearing the same thing but at the end during the EVENING GOWN judging is when she wears the dress.

Teresa said...

Anyone have a link to a pic of her wearing that dress??

I can't find it anywhere.