July 26, 2006

On the road.

As you can see from the previous post, I'm on the road. I put in a crazy 15 hours of utilitarian driving yesterday to set myself up for perfectly aesthetic driving today. And Bob Dylan's radio show starts quite soon, so I can't do my usual morning posts. I'm going to collect my things and be in the car for a perfect morning of heading into the Rockies with Bob.


Anonymous said...

I drove from San Francisco to Boston in four days once.

I'll never do that again.

David Walser said...


I hope you have a great trip. My family and I will be leaving for Park City, Utah, later today. It will be nice to be in the cool mountains rather than the hot Phoenix desert.

Laura Reynolds said...


I hope you have an uplifting day out here. I look forward to returning to our nice little coffeehouse but in the mean time have a safe and happy trip.

I think you were smart to knock that big chunk out first.

John said...

I had made the earlier suggestion that you mount your camera on the hood of your car and v-log a trip through south central Wisconsin. Had I know you were traveling through the rockies, I'd have suggested this trip be v-logged!

Not sure you want to take us all along with you on your trip, but catching a glimpse of things that intrigue you along the way and your inciteful comments, could be very entertaining.

Eli Blake said...

Welcome to the best part of America.

The only thing I miss is your regular blog posts about important trials. For example, the Yates verdict came in today, and the whole case raises some troubling questions.

My own opinion is that she is indeed a sick woman and will now get the treatment that she needs, but the larger issue is how often it happens that an 'expert' makes things up or puts forward an unverified rumor as fact (as Dr. Park Dietz did in the first Yates trial) simply because someone is paying them money to testify as an 'expert witness.'

I hope when you get there or at some point in the future you will consider putting up a post on this topic.

Camila said...

Have a nice trip!!!

I'm Full of Soup said...

I just drove Phily to Chicago in 12 hours. Last time for me too. But what a city Chicago is! Wish I could spend more time here.

Btw, had dinner in The Weber Grill in my hotel- fantastic pork chops. I am pretty easy to please (suspect some of you are sneering "hotel restaurant..what kind of yokel is this guy?). But I highly recommend Weber's Grill for all my dining needs.

Anonymous said...

The harm that Mary is causing is becoming very clear. This blog had a life of its own, where commenters would comment on the comments, one building on the other. This can no longer occur because of Mary. The lively discussion and debate of Ann's coffee house has been silenced. Our free speech rights have been violated.

And the measure of damages? I think the number of visitors and visits will decline. Blog-Ad revenues will decline. Ann's reputation will be harmed.

I vote to sue Mary! Any Wisconsin lawyers want to take the case?

Ann Althouse said...

Brylin: When I'm not driving all day, the delay will be minimal. Don't lose heart.

Stever: Yeah, I should do some vlogging soon.

XWL said...

What brylin said, The harm that Mary is causing is becoming very clear. This blog had a life of its own, where commenters would comment on the comments, one building on the other.

I don't think that will be a big problem personally.

Most of the time, Prof. Althouse will approve comments with startling alacrity (as she states above), and at other times, rather than a raucous coffee house with folks, at rare times, shouting over each other, this will become more like a group mail exchange where everyone has time to think about the others thoughts before seeing their own responses posted.

It's a change, neither for better or for worse, there are aspects of the previous system that were fun but occaisonally abused, and there are aspects of the new system that should moderate the tone (and not just the fact of the moderation done by Prof. Althouse) without completely stiffling the back and forth (though the time taken to approve comments I would suspect may cost us a post or two each week in the future from Prof. Althouse, which is a shame).

The back and forth now will be more tidal and less chaotic (though chaos can be fun).

tcd said...

I may be as big of a yokel as you are or not, so no sneering from me. Speaking of hotel restaurants, I recommend the Omni William Penn in Pittsburgh, PA. Had the best steak and eggs breakfast there this past spring. Also, if you're ever in Pittsburgh, make time to visit Station Sqaure and try the Grand Concourse for dinner. Wonderful meal w/ a beautiful view of the Allegheny river (?); geography is not my strong suit. We drove from Detroit to Pittsburgh in about 5 hours. The Ohio turnpike is a wonderful road to travel w/ a Starbucks at pretty much every rest stop.