July 9, 2006

Madison, Sunday.

Here's a big park -- James Madison Park -- in downtown Madison, photographed in late morning today. Where is everyone?

James Madison Park

I mean there is that guy sleeping under the tree. But still. Pretty deserted! Everyone's thronged up at the Capitol, milling around the Art Fair on the Square, something I make sure to steer clear of.

Leaving the park, I walk by the Gates of Heaven Synagogue:

Gates of Heaven Synagogue

Closeup on the sign:

Gates of Heaven Synagogue


Ruth Anne Adams said...

Who the heck are the Sufi's and what the heck are they doing worshipping in a synagogue?

JohnF said...

Obviously, everyone was off watching the tennis, followed by the soccer. The guy sleeping under the tree is just taking a shortcut to the same end.

Troy said...

to an unknown god...

chuck b. said...

The Sufis do the whirling dervish thing--an amazing sight to behold.

MadisonMan said...

Total agreement on the Arts Fair, both on and off the square. Just you and 25000 of your closest friends, baking under an unrelenting sun. No thanks.

The thunderstorm/hail we just had must have closed up any stragglers.

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