July 31, 2006


I'm guest-blogging on Instapundit again. Yes, I'm on the road. Nevertheless... I do have three co-bloggers: Megan McArdle, Michael Totten, and -- a new one, another lawprof -- Brannon Denning. Thanks to Glenn for having me back. He's setting the example for leaving the blog behind while going on vacation, while I have become the cautionary tale: not just continuing my own blog along, but taking on a second one. Anyway, I'll be over there -- and here as well -- through Auguest 6th, and the road is supposed to lead me back to Madison before then.

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Bruce Hayden said...


I always enjoy your sojourns over at Instapundit. As usual, could you try cross-posting over here, to the entent possibl? Or do like you are doing above with an open thread? One big thing that you provide that Glen does not is the ability to comment, and I think a lot of your readers would miss having that opportunity.

Thanks, and good luck there (and on your way back - should be a beautiful drive today).