July 23, 2006

"He was a loving man doing his best to raise a son..."

"...away from the zany antics of the 1960’s that got in the way of doing a better job with my stepbrother, Jack. He played baseball with me, made sure I did my homework on time, took me to basketball practice and did it all with an air of family-based normalcy and pure love that is not even touched on in Greenfield’s book."

Timothy Leary's son Zach writes in to the NYT Book Review to complain about a biography of his father and a book review of it and to remind us all once again what we ought to do for our kids, which is something that nearly all of us have within reach.

(Here's my old post about the book review.)


john(lesser) said...

"something that nearly all of us have within reach."

I can't believe this post sat here.

Mary said...
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