July 21, 2006

"Do people come up to you on the streets now and just ask you to speak?"

Entertainment Weekly fawningly asks Malan Breton, the newly auf'd "Project Runway" contestant, with the oft laf'd at accent. His answer:
Once upon a time, many, many years ago, I worked at a restaurant. Women used to offer to take off their clothes if I would read them the menu. It was hilarious.

And what's he up to now?
Right now I'm in the process of doing two couture gowns — one for an A-list celebrity; another one is a B-, C-list celebrity. I've been in talks with a ballet company in New York to do costumes. In 2008, I'm going to be releasing a series of 13 short films. Hopefully soon I'll be working on a theatrical show. I'm auditioning now. I'm going to be fine. I'm incredibly motivated. In the next five years I'm going to see my name along Donna Karan and Helmut Lang. There's no question in my mind.

I'm thinking his whole life is a theatrical show.


Adam said...

Ann, lighten up. It's just fashion, fashion, fashion!

The question remains whether his poor me! routine this week was authentic or not

Ann Althouse said...

Adam, based on that interview, I'd say it's not. He made himself sympathetic for about 15 minutes, and then his basic malanity showed through, like grandmother's panties under a sheer overskirt.

Craig Ranapia said...

Wow, I wonder if that "B, C-list celebrity" has given Malan his A-list divalicious bitch-slapping yet? How clueless can you be - publicly insulting your client where her publicist/agent/mother/everyone she's told about the commission can see is a great way to generate word of mouth. Not.

Craig Ranapia said...

Malan just doesn't get it the way so many of these contestants don't get it - socially autistic OTT attitude might play well on reality TV, but in the real world fashion industry, you better have the talent and the business savvy to back it up. It seems to me that Tim Gunn will take a lot of b.s. because he's a teacher - but even he has limits as Wendy Pepper and Santino Rice discovered; if he was running a fashion house, I suspect he'd be "auf'ing" a few competitors a lot earlier.

knoxgirl said...

Dang it, now I feel dumb that he made me like him on that last show