July 10, 2006

Beyond Fuel.

Chris Daughtry, whom we kinda loved last "American Idol" season, has a new deal better than the Fuel offer he turned down and, really, probably better than what the winner got.
[He] has signed with music mogul Clive Davis in conjunction with 19 Recordings Unlimited.... will form a band "and has already begun to work with A-list collaborators" to write and record material for an album, expected to be released later this year.

Good luck!


Eli Blake said...

Proving that finishing first isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Elizabeth said...

Not finishing first isn't the end of the line with Idol contestants. The winner is tied to the producers of the show, and I suspect it takes awhile to gain back control of one's career.

This deal sure sounds better than that awful Ford commericial with Taylor Hicks wailing about "poss-uh-bil-ud-dee." Couldn't someone help him enunciate a little better? It just sounds stupid, not soulful.

Jennifer said...

Team Daughtry!

This has worked out even better than I would have hoped. Now, as one of his biggest fans on the show, I can merrily ignore his new career.

Dawn said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who can't stand those Ford ads w/Taylor - I have to change the channel or hit the mute button everytime it comes on.

Clive Davis? I just hope he doesn't try to Whitney-up Chris. Here's hoping he releases something decent, that won't make it to the dollar bin at Costco shortly after its release.

XWL said...

I'm picturing a Monkees vibe here, but with a working-class / emo edge.

(and you'd have a great odd couple thing going if you somehow include Kevin Covais in the band)

You can't have a band without some sort of 'reality' thing going on, too.

Why not a serio-comic semi-reality TV show?

Dawn said...

Why not a serio-comic semi-reality TV show?

Paging Pickler! Paging Miss Kelly Pickler!

Jennifer said...

LOL Bunker!! I'm reading online that she's hilarious at the concerts, too.

Still not going....