July 13, 2006

Audible Althouse #58.

Material things -- computer, camera, car, radio -- and spiritual things -- found via hallucinogens and old songs that maybe you only heard once or you heard many times years ago.

Here's the podcast page. Here's the place to live-stream. But all the cool people subscribe:
Ann Althouse - Audible Althouse


Wickedpinto said...

Cicaida's are EVIL!


Your voice is so soothing, your pictures are so pleasant, you just plain flogging rock!

Despite my random offense about sexuality, I love your blog, cuz you are smart, pleasant, and artful.

For some reason I felt the reason to appologize to you, because your son left blogging.

I love You Ann, I love your son, who no longer blogs, I love, seeing, hearing, feeling the opinions of people with REAL thoughts.

Did I get yappy? I'm sorry.

Wickedpinto said...

I suggest "textaments" as a replacement of "blogging"

In 95, I knew "bloggers" who weren't "bloggers" but did much the same thing, but they quit back then. Of course the excercise was jocular.

You aren't a "logger" or a "diarist" or a "journalist" or such, "journalist" as in writing down a personal language that you yourself will refer to.

I like the effort of lending words to to thoughts, and I think that you and others are offering "textaments" like a testament of personal opinion, or challenge.

I'm kinda crazy.

Hell, there is NO comparrison between you and Insty, maybe you and insty's wife, you and insty's wife are alike in your textament of thought, but you are completely different from the link mecca of glenn, and neither you, nor the instawife, nor insta, are anything like ACE, or Karol, or DAVE at GR.

"blogosphere" is lazy, I think that those like YOU, and madame insty, and ACE are the authors of textaments?

Please, give me some airtime :)

All net commetators are blogs?

Thats LAZY!

One thing, did you just mourne "a kiss from a rose?" Just curious.

You have great music taste, if I include the reast.


You are old enough to be MY mom, but you are so in touch with music!!!


NO offense, but, you are obviously old enough to be old enough to be my mother, since chris is your youngest.


I'm damn near arguing with my fathers new wife (btw, never marry my father, he's a excrement)


AND! she's a sexy broad!

Wickedpinto said...

"In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel?

Do you have any female children?

And even with your male children? would you WANT your boys to feel like Lloyd Dobbler?

My mother said, "I didn't know how to deal with my boys, but, they always made me question myself"

My mother only had boys, and my brother and I? We wrote the book of our upbringing, I'm just curious if you overcame that.

bill said...

Funniest line of the day, contest is now closed: Did I get yappy?

Ruth Anne Adams said...

These non-Sunday podcasts are just throwing me off.

Simon said...

WickedPinto -
I'm only saying this because I care, there are a lot of decaffeinated brands on the market today that are just as tasty as the real thing.