June 6, 2006

We are horrified....

...by the new horror movie, "The Omen":
Early in the movie a shot of the World Trade Center in flames, introduced as a portent of Armageddon, sharpens this remake's sour tang of exploitation.
... horrified by the filmmakers' despicable greediness to manipulate emotion that they would appropriate and desecrate this image.


PatCA said...

So I guess it's not "too soon" to exploit...er, see these images.

John said...

Hmmm? Directed by John Moore. That isn't a pseudonym for Michael is it? Sure would explain all the exploitive references!

Word verification: apigp - seems appropriate.

altoids1306 said...

I probably only go the movie theaters about twice a year now. Hollywood, keep up the good work, and you can cut down to once a year, then never!

Timh Gabriele said...

Could this image really be any more desecrated than it already has been?

Wickedpinto said...

I haven't seen the New "omen" and I know that if I watch it, I won't be impressed, the original was GREAT!

Just like they remade "When A Stranger Calls" I was OFFENDED!!!!! by the previews.

In the MC, in 1996, while I was still at my MOS School, I bought a VCR, a friend bought a TV, and we would rent movies. One weekend, my TV owning friend, who had free use of my VCR, because of the shared nature of a lot of us, wanted to rent horror movies. . .

I agreed, and so we started looking for some horror flicks, and the crappy video store next to the base, and he wanted campy "B" movie horrors, and I introduced him to "Rosemary's baby" he had heard of it, and thought it was "old" so he didn't think it was interesting, I told him "you will be surprised" he caved in, cuz I owned the VCR. Later her picked 2 B movie horrors, and I saw "When a Stranger Calls" the original, with Carol Kane/kain whatever.

And I said, "this will scare this S!!! out of you"

He was a pop culture kid, I was 21, with a FULL 3 years experience over him :), but I convinced him again.

We watched all the movies, and we saved "when a stranger calls" for last, so that it was watched later at night (about 3 am ish.)

We watched his campy gorefests first, and he hated them, then we watched rosemary's baby (which I have a personal attatchment to, since my mothers name is "rose mary" and my brother was born in 1969" only 2 months after the release of the movie) and my gorefest fan friend who owned the TV on which the videos were playing on the VCR I bought, I felt proud cuz . . . hey, sharing art is important.

Then we watched "when a stranger calls" the original.

we spent about 5 minutes, with my friend saying to me "why did we rent this?" acting like the instant gratification F he was, and I kept saying "shut up and watch"

But as "When a Stranger Calls" grew to it's main plot point, which occurs approximately 50 minutes into the movie, my buddy turned to me and said "Thats EFFING SCARY SH@#T"

But the REMAKE of "When a Stranger Calls" gives up the MAIN suspense method in the FRIGGEN PREVIEWS!!!!"

THAT is the problem with modern horror/suspense.