June 14, 2006

Vexed about lollipops?

Arise, vexillologists!


Marghlar said...

The first requirement of membership (in the center) is to be able to pronounce vexillology," Smith said, and was perhaps joking but it's hard to tell with flag fanatics. "It is a combination of Roman and Greek words, which you're not supposed to do, but has been done as with automobile, saxophone and sociology. And when I coined it, I was 17 and didn't know any better."

Damn straight, you aren't supposed to do it. So make it right -- it's your fault that the abomination was born. It's therefore your obligation to put a bullet in its brain.

Now look where we are -- getting linked to a page where we hoped for elaboration on the pressing topic of lollipop-haters, and instead, reading some article about the most useless holiday on the American calendar, and the people who devote themselves to its celebration.

MadisonMan said...

This is such a lonely comment thread I feel obliged to add to it. I have to say I don't understand the title -- was it a play on vexillology, seeing a slight similarity to lollipop? I don't see it.

Meteorology also combines greek and latin roots, by the way.

Marghlar said...

Thanks Madisonman. It was getting lonely out here.

And the fact that latin and greek roots are sometimes vexingly mingled is no excuse. It is an etymological bastard child, no matter how common its usage.

Another similar hybrid: homosexual. It urks me.

Marghlar said...

Ack! Madisonman, your assertion was bugging me, so I looked it up.

And lo and behold:

Meterology is a perfectly normal Greek word.

Not a hybrid at all.

MadisonMan said...

Hmm. I knew I learned a hybrid word in some science class in college. This is gonna bug me. I was sure it was meteorology. Oh well.