June 14, 2006

"This is not a crowd that rides the highs and lows."

But they are enjoying the "the spate of good news" at the White House.


Ricardo said...

You could have also added the next sentence: "This is a team that has been through extraordinary moments of history".

Because so have we, so have we. We've been right there, along with them, and judgment is still pending whether these have been good-extraordinary, or bad-extraordinary moments of history. The only thing known so far is that these have been painful-extraordinary moments of history. Will a phoenix rise out of these ashes, or are ashes as good as it gets?

knoxgirl said...

Ricardo, I'd say they're all bad, but necessary. Maybe some good will eventually come of them.

Anyway, I would hope they don't ride the "highs" and "lows"... hardly any of the "highs" have been acknowledged by the media, especially those in Iraq and the economy.