June 24, 2006

Michael Jackson onstage with Bob Dylan?

That's the rumor. Jackson is said to be in Kilkenny, Ireland, ready to do a cameo performance at Bob Dylan's concert there tonight. If the man is physically and mentally strong enough to appear on a stage, maybe he can find his way back to the artistically productive life he once had.


Jazz Bass said...

Who, Bob? now that i'd like to see.

Oh, you mean Michael? do we really need the artistic rehabilition of a pedophile who pays on average 40 million per known molestation?

seriously, you don't think he is crazy? buying his own children, in a roundabout way, isn't dangerous?

Ann Althouse said...

Jazzbass: Anybody who's crazy I would hope could find his way back.

Ann Althouse said...

To quote a song lyric for Michael, "I want you back."

Jeff said...

Mary, other than MJ, who are these "lots of other people" buying children? I know you arent talking about adoption, since that would be a incredibly shallow intellectial position for you to take.

Jeff said...

Intellectual. Grrrrrr

Robert said...

I would hope that anyone with a problem is able to redeem themselves, fix themselves, what have you.

In the case of Michael Jackson, that would come in the form of acknowledging his sexual deviance, acknowledging that his sexual predilections are objectively wrong - not just discomfiting to us yokels from the sticks - and, probably, adapting to a quiet life of non-celebrity.

Getting back up on the stage is just going to feed the beast. That's the last thing he needs. He doesn't get to be a star anymore.

Hamsun56 said...

I think it's great that he's doing whatever meets his passing fancy. There were even rumors that he would be going on American Idol as a judge, presumably for a segment where his songs were to be sung.

Hard to imagine him doing a duet with MJ - don't think their ebony and ivory would produce much harmony.

Jazz Bass said...

ah, i have no problem with surrogates.

i have a problem with a pedophile pretending to marry his surrogate, then dump her when the kid is out of the oven.

i try to extend love and compassion to MJ but my inability to let his being a bat shit crazy pedophile millionaire who is above the law because of his money gets in the way.

then again, i should butt out but when it really is "for the children", it's hard to not get the self righteous anger rise.

if he could acknowledge and admit, that would be a good step.

Look, he's nuts. he's an artiste` plus he's warped and not just by joe jackson's belt.

Pray for him but pray harder for the kids, dig?

The Analyzer said...

Everyone beware!!

Michael Jackson is back!

Save your kids while you still can...