June 12, 2006

"Loving the large... and also the small."

That's the title of my first post this week guest-blogging for Glenn Reynolds on MSNBC.com. Go see how Taylor Hicks and several other reality show stars fit in with Justice Scalia and Chief Justice Roberts in a post that's largely about large breasts. I'm trying to start off big. And small.


The Drill SGT said...

I don't know if there is a legal distinction between using physical characteristics in hiring, versus firing.

I would have to believe that cast directors have the ability (for a given part) to prefer women over men, brunettes over blonds, short over tall, fat over thin, old over young, and 36D over 32A. I also think that for a different part, they should have the license to chose differently.

As I understand the original post and role being cast, it was for an actress that was good, but not shapely, who complains in song that she needed more of everything to get ahead.

If that is the case, it would seem reasonable to me that the casting director could chose somebody that had a small chest or at least could be made to appear (tape?) with a small chest.

Am I missing something?

I also seem to recall that a leading opera company canned one of the female starts within the last year or so for being too overweight.

Jacques Cuze said...

""Loving the large... and also the small. w4m""

Sounds like a CL ad.

On a related note, guess what the MSM are now reporting, guffaw, The clitoris rivals the penis in size. ...

By imaging the pelvises of healthy humans - rather than dissecting dead ones - she has found that the live clitoris is even larger than she first thought.

"There's nothing quite like the shape of a clitoris," she said.

"The glans are dense with nerve endings and receptors - all the vibration and sensation is there."

The bulk of it is shaped like a pyramid, she said.

Its base forms the external genitalia or vulva; its triangular "walls" are wrapped around the urine-carrying tube known as the urethra and the vagina.

When aroused, the whole structure becomes engorged.

Pretty neat huh, both the large and the small!

aaron said...

I always prefer real over large. Sometimes I prefer small anyway.

It's quallity, not quantity. And variety is also important.