June 16, 2006

Is a fashion-and-makeup workshop a ridiculous proposal for community service?

The judge in Boy George's case thought so.
His lawyer [Louis Freeman] said O'Dowd [AKA Boy George] hoped to do something more worthwhile than sweeping streets and sidewalks.

"There's nothing wrong with that if that's part of his punishment, but it will turn into a media circus, and the press will be following him every day," Freeman said.

The judge said he understood the objection to street cleaning: "It's humiliation." However, he said, O'Dowd "got out from under a felony, and he took a (misdemeanor) deal that had an element of humiliation..."
A celebrity shouldn't get special treatment, but the lawyer -- naturally -- is going to argue that to be treated the same is to be treated differently. There's more humiliation. It's a media circus.


Alan Kellogg said...

George, I have only this to say, make sure you get the corners.

Jennifer said...

I don't know, but a fashion-and-makeup workshop given by Boy George is a ridiculous proposal.

Ann Althouse said...

Still, I'd love to be a recipient of that service. I love the guy, but I have to stick up for all the criminals who have no one to love them. It must be fair.

Moxie said...

I was hoping they were going to force HIM to attend a fashion-and-makeup workshop. Sigh.

Dave said...

Well, I don't know if Boy George's fashion and makeup acumen are such that it would be a worthwhile thing for him to do, but there is something to be said for the notion that society's talented people can be put to better use than sweeping streets as community service.

I could see an argument for certain white collar criminals being sentenced to tutoring kids how to read or do math.

But the obvious challenges to my argument are (1) why should such criminals be treated any differently than a common thug and (2) how do you force someone to teach another to learn?

Jennifer said...

But, is there supposed to be a punitive element to the community service? Or is the whole point of the service a type of restitution to the community?

If its the former, then I agree that his proposals aren't fair.

If its the latter, then Dave has a point.

Dean Esmay said...

Well it is a good point that if cameras are allowed to follow him around it really is going to be a lot more public humiliation.

On the other hand couldn't the judge order the time and place of the community service to be secret?

Mark the Pundit said...

Still, I'd love to be a recipient of that service. I love the guy, but I have to stick up for all the criminals who have no one to love them. It must be fair

Have you SEEN the guy? Stick up for him if you must, but do not submit yourself to what could be the worst fashion advice you have ever received...

P. Froward said...

Media circus? Would they bother?

Wickedpinto said...

I have F'd up a time or two or more in my life.

My community service had options, I don't argue with his attorney looking for options that don't turn him into a traffic jam.

However, I think he could chose an option that isn't arrogant.

How about he volunteer at the red-cross? or at the salvation army (as I did) or how about he donat X hours to a unicef? or other charity based orginization?

If he worked at a "resale" house for one of the NUMEROUS charities, that accept donations and resell them, the way that the Red Cross does at their various "stores." he would do GREAT work for their image.

I don't see why his "celebrity" I mean really? how many people still remember "Karma Chameleon?" should keep him from being a decent attraction at a sales storre, that serves a good cause?

Hell, Even my unknown, fixer ass, working at a Salvation Army store for my Community Service, was able to recognize "gem-like" stones, when everyone assumed they were all fakes. ( certain gems have certain characteristics, I only know a couple, but not many, but a fake diamond that is not made of a distinctly cristaline structure has OBVIOUS characteristics. and fake emeralds are just outright obvious, I used to bang an aspiring gemologist, who dropped out. Whats the phrase? "a little knowledge. . . . ?")

anyways, I enjoyed working there, I familiarized myself with everying in the "store" and I sold it. I worked hard for a collector of vinyl to by the album of "shannon"'s "let the music play" Also, I was amazed that people didn't gravitate to the blondie. . . I forget the name of the album, but the one with "heart of glass" and it has the bassist holding her breast, while her husband is standing next to her.

Not to mention the rest of the music, and book options available. I saw a man, a MAN! buy a flogging Harlequinn, and I said "for your wife?" I said, being personable, and it was for him, and I was offended that he didn't buy Gorkii Park, just one friggen shelf down!!

Theres a lot to be learned in a PRODUCTIVE form of community service, other than the collection of slave labor is my point.

George? He should have had to have been a stenographer at a gay rights rally, and graded/granted time based on his accuracy.

I have no problem with who anyone sleeps with, I do have a problem with BDSM broadcasts traveling down the public streets.

chuck b. said...

Since when does Boy George not want a media circus?

downtownlad said...

Why should he be humiliated. He didn't do anything wrong, except use drugs as far as I know.

The laws against drug use are assinine.

Doug Sundseth said...

When he made the choice to enter a very public profession, he implicitly accepted ("fought for" might be better phrasing) that his entire life would be watched. Now that there's a part that he would prefer not be seen, he wants to change the deal.

Sorry, George.