June 25, 2006

In the Heights.

Here are some exterior views from yesterday's architecture tour of University Heights.

First, the Sigma Phi House (you remember the interiors):

University Heights

Second, the Airplane House:

University Heights

University Heights

Third, a pretty cool red house across from the Airplane House:

University Heights


AllenS said...

In the first picture, I noticed scaffolding on both sides of the front of the house. Right underneath those thingies. What's up with those things? What is the reason for them? If I was a child growing up in that house, I'd be crawling around out there.

Ann Althouse said...

Well, the scaffolding is temporary, and those things have been there for over a hundred years. I really don't know what they are other than decorations at the end of the beams. There's no reason for beams to jut out either as far as I can tell. But Sullivan -- who designed the building -- is the one who said "form follows function."

Ron said...

This exterior pic of the Sigma Phi house confirms a bit of the doubt others may have expressed about the interiors in the other post. ("oppressive, overbearing, dark")

It looks like Darth Vaders Shogun Castle!

tiggeril said...

The Airplane House is my favorite out of the three, I think.

chuck b. said...

I like the Airplane house best too, but just the front, not the back. I like the sense of floating planes in the front... but that right angular projection out the back punctures my enthusiasm.

For me, in terms of home architecture, nothing ever beats the American Craftsman. Still, it's fun to look.

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Truly said...

The thingies above the scaffolding on the frat house resemble lanterns of some sort--did you notice and lighting attached to them?

I like the red house the best. If I lived in the neighborhood I would call it the House of the Seven Gables.

Blondie said...

I walked by all three of those houses yesterday on my way to and from work.

All of those houses - and the surrounding neighborhoods - always provide me with a nice walk to unwind after work as I meander out to wherever I parked my car that day. My favorite is the big red house, mostly because of its gardens and how all of the plants & trees around it form a tunnel over the sidewalk.