June 14, 2006

"I'm just trying to swallow my outrage at your placement of an image on the front page."

Metafilter goes wild after a front page post displays a tiny red moving dot and Mathowie declines to delete it. Keep scrolling.


Tibore said...

Wow... that thread really went everywhere, didn't it?

I wonder why I don't peruse Metafilter more. Posts like that perfectly fit my ADD addled mind.

JP said...

Tibore, I've been reading Metafilter for about a year, and I've never seen it anything like that. Wow.

The site's morale gets pretty weighed down sometimes with complaints about US politics. It could really use an injection of levity.

Ann Althouse said...

I am in awe of Metafilter. I have read it for years. I have an account but have maybe commented twice and can't imagine daring a front page post. It's a very self-enforcing operation. They've built up their values, and they really mean it. It's fascinating to watch. For writing, I prefer my own domain over here. But I really adore those people.

reader_iam said...

LOL! How addictive--even though my eyes are going nuts.

I like the black kitty with the wicked red--eyes?, the factory one, and the Hitler eating a--wooden?--watermelon.

The fire-butt one is just whacked, though--as is the one featuring Stewie, or whatever his name is.

Alan Kellogg said...


The Cylon* Kitten? I'd love to have a direct link to that image. Says a lot about cats.

*Original series Cylon. Also seen in the Viper 12 revival and the specials.

reader_iam said...

Alan: Speak English! I don't do SF series.

Wait--never mind: My translator just got back home.

"Battlestar Galactica: the best show on television."

Well, at least I recognize the name.

(Hangs head in shame at all my unhip glory.)

vh: ceydg

The canine answer to Cylon kitty?

SteveR said...

I liked the cylon kitty too.

Are we going to start prepping to be the five millioneth visitor?

Jennifer said...

SteveR - You inspired me to click on the SiteMeter link and I've been browsing. The kinds of google searches that bring people here never fail to fascinate me.

I hate to ridicule the silly ones out in the open, though. I'd feel terrible if the poor person were stumbling through the comments and suddenly felt naked.

Tibore said...

There's a Cylon kitty? Damn, I missed that! Going back now...

chuck b. said...

There's a real feeling of catharsis.

PatCA said...

I guess my browser can't handle the page.