June 7, 2006

"I'm dying for me to shut up. I get on my own nerves, like, 'Please, not again. Please.'"

So says Sean Yazbeck, the winner of the recent "Apprentice" season, in an interview with TV Guide.

Here's the context:
TVGuide.com: I want to thank you and Tammy for bringing a hint of romance to what to date has been a surprisingly asexual reality series.

Sean: I have to say... I cringe every time I see myself go on about Tammy. [Laughs] I'm dying for me to shut up. I get on my own nerves, like, "Please, not again. Please."

Ha ha. We don't hear enough about what it's like for reality show contestants to watch their edited selves on TV. And really, wouldn't we all, watching a video of our own lives, get on our own nerves?

Speaking of things rarely heard, how about this question asked by TV Guide:
[C]an you discuss Aristotle's concept of "eudaimonia"...?
And they really mean it, and he really answers. And the answer makes you think: my God, why do I watch TV?


Wickedpinto said...

I was hoping you were quoting the jerkweed on Newsnight CNN calling all Marines war criminals.

Obviously I was wrong.

OH! OH! OH! Wait! I might have been wrong enough to win a peabody just like nbc news.

John Jenkins said...

It makes me ask: (i) is he really that vacuous; (ii) does he really understand it and is dumbing it down; or (iii) did he so completely misunderstand it that his Phil 101 professor is contemplating suicide right now?

Wickedpinto said...

The concept of a thing that doesn't exist based on an ideal of emptiness?