June 15, 2006

Happy together.

Here's a nice picture of the Justices looking happy together:

Well, Breyer seems to be doing a Larry David imitation. But everybody else.

The event was a tribute to the late Chief Justice Rehnquist. Revelations:
Rehnquist, who often wore Hush Puppies with business suits, was the only person [his former clerk John] Roberts said he'd ever seen get down on his stomach to line up a shot in croquet.

A trivia buff, tennis player and friendly gambler, Rehnquist loved history and geography and liked to bet on how much snow would fall....

Maureen Mahoney, one of the most frequent practitioners before the high court, said Rehnquist was not the sexist conservative that some groups painted him after President Reagan nominated him to be chief justice....

Mahoney recalled that Rehnquist told an interviewer how his wife, Nan, reacted when she learned of his nomination to be chief justice. "She replied, 'Put the dishes in the dishwasher.'"


XWL said...

So which one of these Justices is humming along to that Turtles song in this photo?

Imagine me and you, I do
I think about you day and night
It's only right
To think about the girl you love
And hold her tight
So happy together

(Isn't that
all you need
to read,
to start
to hum
this song all day
and night?)

Ann Althouse said...

I can see me dissenting with no one but you
For all my life

Tibore said...

"She replied, 'Put the dishes in the dishwasher.'"

Hehe... balloon, POP!, pffffffffffftttttt.......

The Drill SGT said...

I don't know anything on the topic, but I had been rooting for Maureen Mahoney, when Miers was picked. Alito looks good, but I thought she was a Roberts by a different gender.

too bad


Palladian said...

Did that Harriet Miers thing actually happen? Was that a dream?

knoxgirl said...

I am usually against cameras in the courtroom, but more and more I'd like to see this group at work.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I wonder if Breyer drives a Pious.

Goesh said...

I really like that picture - it is good to see them smiling

Simon said...

"I don't know anything on the topic, but I had been rooting for Maureen Mahoney, when Miers was picked. Alito looks good, but I thought she was a Roberts by a different gender."

Mahoney is a very good lawyer, but I'm not sure I agree that one should put a lawyer directly onto SCOTUS, since the two jobs require very different (and often incompatible) mindsets. Moreover, she suffered from much the same problem as Miers: the lack of a paper trail, the lack of any concrete judicial philosophy, and so on. Being a good lawyer - or even being a great and outstanding lawyer - may be a necessary qualification for the Supreme Court, but it is not sufficient.

Personally, I had hoped (and have high hopes) for Diane Sykes, who continues to do sterling work on the Seventh Circuit; my first preference to replace O'Connor was Alito from the day she stepped down, and I was thus not happy with the choice of Roberts. I'm ready to eat crow at this point and admit that I did not adequately appreciate at the time that while I still wouldn't have picked Roberts to replace O'Connor, he is a superb choice for the Chief Justiceship. I still have concerns about his jurisprudential philosophy, but I recognize that the Chief can't be the bomb thrower, and the man couldn't have been more born to lead if he'd come out of the womb with a saddle and a map of Europe.

The Drill SGT said...

Breyer certainly looks like he enjoys being there.

Maybe he got a serving of Kelo

gyc said...

Even though it was just advocating for a client, being a lawyer on the other side (from the administration) of the affirmative action lawsuits probably didn't score any brownie points for Mahoney .