June 11, 2006

Audible Althouse #53.

666! Don't be superstitious. How about a little wisdom? The question whether Althouse is the agent of Satan. She was for Taylor Hicks and Sean on "The Apprentice." And George W. Bush in the 2004 election! Reminiscing about sitting around watching the election returns sets off a secondary digression about Burger Chef, the defunct fast food restaurant where Althouse worked, long ago. How the Satanists are responding to 6/6/06. The man who yelled "God will save me, if he exists" as he crept into the lion's den (and his death). Naming the electric chair... and the lethal injection. Jim Morrison singing "Soft Parade." Architecture! Docents! Tattoos! Including a tattoo of a bathtub. You know, Jim Morrison died in a bathtub.

It's a new podcast. You can stream it right on your computer -- no iPod needed -- right here. But all the cool people subscribe on iTunes:
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Kate said...

Wow, someone else remembers Burger Chef. I worked there for 2 whole weeks.. my very first job.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Weren't your parents concerned for your safety working at the Burger Chef? With drug deals, dealers and paraphernalia all around the joint, why didn't they make you quit? Was the drug culture different then? I sense I'm missing something.

Ann Althouse said...

I have no memories of my parents ever taking any steps to protect me, though I assume they must have done a couple things when I was a baby. I can't remember them ever fretting about my physical safety in the slightest or suggesting that I take any precautions at all about anything.

Let me also note that the TV show is "Top Chef" not "Big Chef." And Whoppers are at Burger King, not McDonald's.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

My perspective on safety and children must be different because all of mine are post 9/11 babies. I sometimes forget that I learned to ride a bike without a helmet or knee pads, and I was free to roam the block so long as I came home for the dinner bell.

There's got to be a happy medium somewhere between feral children and plastic-bubble-boys.

Palladian said...


Here's a Big Shef as a reward for another podcast.

And you just knew that there is a Burger Chef blog, didn't you?