June 18, 2006

"As the engineers of tomorrow, they represent the future of our nation's infrastructure...."

It's the National Concrete Canoe Competition, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison team is number 1 for the fourth year in a row.

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Cousin Don said...

To really reflect a true engineering project in this day and age. The engineers should have been told one quarter way into the project that their budget was cut in half, while they read in the newspaper that the project is costing twice what was predicted.

The price of concrete and rebar should double as China builds more dams. And more and more material should disappear from the job site while the union workers threaten to strike from a job that they seem to think includes a four hour lunch break at a nearby tavern.

Oh, and after building the canoe, the engineers should find out that the concrete they did manage to procure was inferior and is leaking like a sieve. Now the engineers lose their jobs and their corporation and cohorts start hiring lawyers and everybody starts suing everybody.

But maybe that's just true in Boston...