June 18, 2006

About that potato.

Yesterday's photograph prompted commenter Mathew to write: "I love the fact that the moment I saw that photo I knew exactly where it was taken, and exactly why it was posted."

That amused me a lot. Am I even sure exactly why I posted it? Consider the manifold possibilites:
1. I want those in the know to know potato is available there.

2. I find handmade signs charming, especially when they express enthusiasm about ordinary things.

3. I love the Eggagog feel to it.

4. It's a mystery for commenters to riff on.

5. I'm completely high and have the munchies.

6. It was about time for another Madison photograph on the blog and that was the one thing that caught my eye on my Saturday walk.

7. It was a little game to see how long it would take for someone to mention Dan Quayle.

8. Setting up something to talk about in the podcast.
Oh, this wants to be a blogpoll. Haven't done a blogpoll in a good, long while. So have at it:


John Jenkins said...

I have to vote #5 for sheer explanatory power.

Ann Althouse said...

And for the way it begs for a joke using the word "baked"?

Internet Ronin said...

Yes. Half. ;-)

Henry said...

This suddenly reminded me of my wife's experience as the lunch cook in a dive bar. Every day she made a hot dish, a soup, and the rest of the menu was sandwiches. The hot dish and soup were written on a board in the window, for example:

Special: Backed Macaroni and Cheese
Soup: Italian Wedding

Special: Homestyle Meatloal
Soup: Sausage Escarole


One day, not long after she quit to get on with her life, she passed by the place at lunchtime. On the board in the window was the single word:


Dave said...

Well seeing that I was the guy who brought up Quayle I suppose I have to vote for # 7.

Icepick said...

And here I thought the commenter in question meant he knew why the sign was posted in the store, as opposed to why Ann posted it. Oh well, I guess I missed again.....

John Jenkins said...

I think that's what he meant, Icepick.

My guess, as a non-Madisonian, is that it relates to this.

Ann Althouse said...

So I misread Mathew? You're probably right. "Posted" is a key word to a blogger.

johnstodderinexile said...

Does it surprise you that so many of your readers want to think of you as a laid-back midwestern pothead?

I voted #2 by the way. But #5 was a temptation.

Ann Althouse said...

johnstodderinexile: The funniest answer usually wins. I think people just like the idea. I think I write some potheadish things on the blog sometimes, but that's just a coincidence.

Tibore said...

#4, 'cause that's why most folks have blogs: To see what commenters riff on.

But 5 is a sentimental favorite. :)

stoqboy said...

For some reason that picture makes me want to write "All your blog are belong to us." Maybe having something to do with being half-baked.

Barry "iPod" Johnson said...

Will the results of this poll be announced and analyzed on the MSM?

I voted for #3!

Go 3!