June 24, 2006

5 million!

The Site Meter is getting awfully close to 5 million. That's pretty cool. But I'm not offering a prize for the 5 millionth visitor, nor am I starting a fan club.


Bissage said...

And you did it all while being yourself. That makes your accomplishment so much better: a true work of art.

Congratulations, in advance.

And thank you.

John Salmon said...

Sounds like Bissage is either bucking for that non-existent prize, or starting that fan club you don't want.

Ann, you may soon be the William T. Sherman of bloggers.

David said...

Size does matter!

Eli Blake said...

From the link:

Members may also subscribe -- for only $49.99 per month -- to the soon-to-come TShow webcam which allows fans to watch what I am doing 24 hours a day.

Imagine that. Having the lack of privacy of a celebrity for a tiny fraction of the money.

There's a reason bloggers never have a problem with the Paparazzi.

Glad you have more sense than the host of the 'Tonya show.'

Ann Althouse said...

Yeah, imagine a lawprof with a 24-hour a day webcam!

Bissage said...

John Salmon: I do not seek, nor shall I accept, the non-existent prize.

However, you've got me dead to rights on the fan club, as I have already found my model.

John Jenkins said...

Yeah, imagine a lawprof with a 24-hour a day webcam!

How does one visually represent procrastinating in grading exams?

Sanjay said...

My coworkers and I occasionally discuss what Althouse T-shirt we'd buy.

Dawn said...

Ahh, John J., you stole my thunder!

So Ann, what does the 5 millionith viewer receive? A "We Rule Hockey" Badger teeshirt?

Congrats on a fantastic blog!