May 9, 2006

Where's the "Apprentice" blogging?

I've been asked why I didn't blog "The Apprentice" this week. (And don't worry: I will be blogging "American Idol." It's Elvis week you know.) The thing is, like a lot of people, I'm getting tired of "The Apprentice." The tasks are so tedious. Require the Apprenti to put on an event to promote a product, drag us through an edit of all the details of the event, but then judge the winner by the dollar amount sold, so that the quality of the event doesn't make a damned bit of difference. The only thing interesting about the show was the perversity of firing a guy who wanted to follow a strategy that was not followed and thus had nothing to do with why they lost. In fact, if Michael's idea had been followed -- and two cheerleaders were ceded to the girls' team -- maybe the outcome would have been different. The two cheerleaders might have led the women into a more event-based approach, instead of the hard-sell. What sticks in my mind? A contestant in a steak-eating contest pulling an entire masticated steak out of his mouth. As they say over on Television Without Pity: A Series of Unfortunate Homoerotic Beef Orgies. The rest is a blur. But that steak... I'm seeing it in my dreams.


Wickedpinto said...

Elvis day makes me angry, it playes against everyone except taylor.

Chris will survive, but my hot little kitty kat is in danger and eliot can't sing a single elvis song convincingly. though I don't think thats a bad thing, elliot needs to vanish.

FRIGGEN ELVIS!?! Great SINGING competitions aren't built on elvis covers.


mariam said...

Heh. Sanjay's labmate was curious about your thoughts on the episode before last night's.

Both she and TWoP's Jacob seemed to genuinely dislike it, although she was unable to articulate her discomfort as well as he did.

--Sanjay's labmate
(who generally doesn't type in the third person.)

Ann Althouse said...

Did I skip last week too? I saw that Jacob gave it an F. I can't even remember it anymore.

tiggeril said...

Last week's and this week's epsiodes were disgustingly Trumpian in that they were sexist, vulgar, and blowhardy without being the least bit interesting. Ptui.

Ann Althouse said...

But Miriam, thanks for linking to one of the later pages in the recap. I get tired of clicking though 18 damned pages of recap! Those things have gotten too long.

Wickedpinto said...

It didn't even take a verse for elliot to start sucking.

everyone is cheering elliot while he is doing a horrible rendition.

The friggen guy has been singing the same song with different words for 7 weeks. FRIGGEN CAN HIM and bring back the gideon.

Wickedpinto said...

Chris did the same song that made me love JPL a few seasons ago. And Chris didn't deliver the GREAT performance that JPL did.

Chris would have been better off with "thats all right momma" In my opinion.

but I'm sure some lesser performer secured it first.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

18 pages of recap? Was it written by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinezhab?

Medopine said...


A fellow TWOP reader!

C. Schweitzer said...

Trump's "Apprentice" stinks on ice compared to the British version--which doesn't do the ridiculous cross-promotional garbage that has ruined the American version.

If you can get ahold of the UK Apprentice, you'll remind what made the US show so much fun in the first season.

Word verification: norklha (I had to take antibiotics for a week to get rid of it)

mariam said...

While Jacob can be longwinded, I do appreciate his insight beyond just the pat observations of some of the other recappers. I even genuinely look forward to his Battlestar Galactica recaps when BSG is in season.

And, when Tivo inadvertantly records an hour of strongman competitions instead of the Apprentice because it doesn't feel like changing the channel, one appreciates the thoroughness even more.

18 pages is only ~a page for every 2 minutes of action...or inaction. I don't mind the "repetitiveness" of the tasks given that the really fun thing is seeing the progressive decreases in sanity (and increases in cattiness) among the apprenti. It becomes similar to how quantz can have hundreds of different takes on the same 6 frames.

RichC said...

Jacob? He's by far the worst TWoP recapper of the shows I follow. Please stick to recapping the show and the snark and spare us the pretentious , full-of-yourself, pop-philosophizing.

jakemanjack said...

Not only is the show painful and predictable, the editing/production seems overly manipulated.

I now click over to "24" (a show that is almost as painful to watch)
(oh look - there's another insider!) and wait until the board room firing to click back.
The apprentice has become about 2 minutes of TV watching pleasure. whoopee.