May 28, 2006

"There is a market segment we call the 'man cook with fire' types.'"

For him:


Tibore said...

""There is a market segment we call the 'man cook with fire' types.'"

(Raises hand) Guilty!

"But does anyone really need to spend thousands of dollars to do that? No, said Chris Schlesinger... "Give me two bricks and an oven rack and some wood, and I'll cook you a better steak than any expensive gas grill, hands down," he said."

He does have a point, I gotta admit. I'd rather the food be good than the tools used to make them.

But don't get me wrong... it's not like I'd turn down one of those rigs... oh, no, quite the opposite. I'd totally love to have one. I'd just hope I'd actually do well with it, and not screw things up. :)

Elizabeth said...

Inside, I have to cook with gas. But outside? That's baby stuff. If it ain't hardwood, it ain't BBQ.

altoids1306 said...

I agree with elizabeth. Gas is a poor second to charcoal, or hardwood.

The NYT ridiculing male excess...what a surprise.

chuck b. said...

That looks atrocious! Geez!

Tonight, we're grilling burgers and vegetables on a little charcoal number I got at Target three years ago. But first, I'm off to a baseball game.

(Go Giants!)

Wickedpinto said...

to quote james hatfield "fire bad FIRE BAD!!!"

Well, not really, but to quote a brilliant impression of james hetfield.