May 13, 2006

"People around here believe that if Merapi is going to explode there will be a sign, a magical sign."

"Either it comes in a dream, or in the form of a hallucination."

Not everyone leaves when warned.
Although most Indonesians are Muslim, many also follow animist beliefs and worship ancient spirits. Often at full moons, they trek to crater rims and throw in rice, jewelry and live animals to appease the volcanoes.
Beliefs -- beautiful and sad.


Ehud Blade said...

Guru of cognitive dissonance, Leon Festinger, also wrote a remarkable little book, psycho-social in nature, about "When Prophecy Fails." Though dated, it's incredibly fascinating in displaying the tenacity of belief in prophetic phenomena across religious and even a-religious (e.g., UFO cults) communions. Robust, in both the delightful and sad – our belief in the prophetic.

Like gradually elevating the temperature from cool to hot, a gradualism of change necessary to paralyze a live frog in a pot before his defenses tell him to jump, and deliberately unlike the dramatic volcanic potential in Merapi, our acceptable prophets today, the prophets of economics, foresight gurus, cooking us in the slow pot of oil, and oil prices – we might do well to wonder who is hallucinating, or being put to sleep under the slow cook of prophetic discourse, the acceptable prophetic science, called bucks.

May Good Sense save those under Merapi.

Ricardo said...

"Beliefs -- beautiful and sad."

Are you sad because they're throwing all that perfectly-good jewelry into the volcano?

MT said...

Nobody seems to have noted that this would be one thousand years to the year since the Merapi eruption that ended the society that built Borobudur. That was in 1006. Inauspicious timing.

amba said...

"Beliefs -- beautiful and sad."

'Nuff said. Words I won't forget.

Robert said...

It's only sad when someone's emotional support animal gets tossed in.

"Mr. Fluff! Nooooo!"

michael farris said...

"It's only sad when someone's emotional support animal gets tossed in."

They better keep their hands off my coping monkey.

Dad Bones said...

It pays to know whose "dreams and hallucinations" are most reliable, especially when your life could depend on it. Whether you're an Indonesian or an upper midwest kinda person.

Robert said...

Michael, I can assure you with no fear of contradiction:

there are no plans to touch your monkey.

Anonymous said...

At least they are no longer throwing young virgins in.

michael farris said...

Robert, when you put it that way I don't know whether to feel relieved or insulted...

My coping monkey, however, is above such petty, human concerns and worries about the big issues such as 'are peanuts the result of evolution or divine creation?'

verification word: eujsm
I am so not going there...

Wickedpinto said...

Had I the money? I might have bought property near there.

However, I didn't, and even if I did, let me say this.

Unless you have money to burn don't buy property that will likely to be burnt!

For the love of GOD!

"what would YOU have done if you owned land Katrina might have affected?!" is the argument.

I will answer honestly, I would have visited my Aunt and Uncle in Fla, or my brother or mother or father in Chicago till it passed, and when I returned?


WAH the government doesn't pamper me!!! WAH, BLAH! I like nice land, I wouldn't bitch, I would fix it and then send a bill.

You know you CAN do that New Orleans? if you BEAT the gov to their job you can CHARGE the gov?

OH! no, thats right, you are stuck in a welfare ideal.

Fix it and if you don't fix it to my ideal, I sue, thats YOUR attitude NO. Miss, seems to be doing just fine, no matter what Lott says.

A.M. Mora y Leon said...

It's also just about right to the day of the overthrow of Indonesian strongman, Soeharto. India exploded its first nuclear bomb when that happened. Maybe something like it will happen every so often on this anniversary. We need an Indonesian soothesayer to tell us all the other coincidences!

Steven said...

'are peanuts the result of evolution or divine creation?'

Neither! Modern peanuts are the result of artificial selection by humans, while the proto-peanut was the result of a Martian bioweapon experiment gone awry.

Kendi said...

Hi, i have a paper to write regarding The Celestine Prohecy by James Redfeild and I was wondering where did you get the quotes from about signs...Within the book there are insights and different ideas and the ones that Im studying have to do with coincidences and signs. I would like to discuss different people all over the world who still firmly believe in signs over science. Any one could help please. Websites, books documents, i would appreciate it. Please and Thank You.

Ann Althouse said...

Kendi: Click on the link in the post.