May 13, 2006

Only read this if you can give coding help.

I did some tiny little thing to my blog template yesterday -- deleting something just above "previous posts" in the sidebar -- and now, when I point to the "previous posts," the archive list, or the blogroll, the entire list, rather than just the individual item, gets underlined in red. What should I do?

ADDED: Problem solved! Thanks! The answer was provided 10 minutes after I posted -- actually, after I started writing this post.

MORE: And thanks to Scott for pointing out that I still had a problem even though I announced my problem solved. Which it now is. I think.


Andy said...

You are missing a </a> tag after your second blogad (above the amazon link); that open href tage therefore is hitting subsequent content.

Mark the Pundit said...

It sounds like you are missing a "/a" tag somewhere - maybe accidentally deleted?

Note - the full HTML tag cannot be posted in your comments section. :-(

Bruce Hayden said...

Both Andy and Mark seem to have figured it out - a missing </a> makes perfect sense for your problem. But whatever the problem is, it isn't showing up in my browser (Mozilla 1.7.11).

Ann Althouse said...


(It's so cool the way people know stuff.)

Bruce Hayden said...


The problem is that Blogger impliments some HTML, and, thus, treats the "lt;" and the "gt;" as HTML and not text. The way around this HTML problem is to use HTML special characters / escapes. Thus, to show </a>, you would use &lt;/a&gt;, but since the & itself is a special character in HTML, the later requires &amp;lt;/a&amp;gt;, etc.

Luckily for me, Mozilla has a built in HTML composer, and all you need to do is code something originally on the "Normal" pane, click to the "HTML Source" pane, copy the HTML you want, go back to the Normal pane, paste it there, go back to the HTML source pane and copy it from there for insertion in blogger. (I did another two iterations for the above).

Bruce Hayden said...

And that above shows how screwy displaying HTML via HTML can be. The first sentence was supposed to read:

The problem is that Blogger impliments some HTML, and, thus, treats the "<" and the ">" as HTML and not text.

Scott Atchley said...

I think the problem is after the blogads. You may need to change this:

_lt_a href=""_gt__lt_img src="" width="86" height="130" border="0"_gt__lt_br_gt__lt_br_gt__lt_br_gt_


_lt_a href=""_gt__lt_img src="" width="86" he
ight="130" border="0"_gt__lt_/a_gt__lt_br_gt__lt_br_gt__lt_br_gt_

substituting < for _lt_ and > for _gt_

Maj.BertramPudgeman said...

Make a backup before you make changes?

Scott Atchley said...

If you hold your mouse over the PayPal logo, the link is still for the law blog ads. I still think you need to add a </a> after the blogads link (before the <br> or after).

Ann Althouse said...

Wow, thanks, Scott!

Ann Althouse said...

But now why would the Site Meter button work when the PayPal button under it is still linking to the law blogads thing?

Ann Althouse said...

Actually, re my last comment, it indicates law blogads when I mouse over it, but if I click on it it goes to the right place... That just seems bizarre.

Bruce Hayden said...

Maj.BertramPudgeman has a very good point. ALWAYS make a backup and save it for a couple of days, at a minimum. This is one of the first things you learn as a programmer. In blogger, you just do a select all in the template editing section, copy that, and stuff it as text somewhere (I use notepad). Then, if you need to revert, you just reverse that - selecting all in the saved text, copying that, then selecting all in the template editing section, and paste.

Bruce Hayden said...

Scott appears correct. The </a> tag should go within the HTML string: <a
width="86" height="130"

Ann Þø said...

There are still some errors in the code.

Mouse over your rigth side tags.
One at a time.

You will note that there are a few tags that are not¨"connecting" correctly.

Ann Þø said...


Blogger must have made an update to your file?

As of 30 seconds ago the only problem is the paypal tag

Maxine Weiss said...

Hey Bruce and Scott, if you ever need help in WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS.....I'm a whiz at that.

I've got my old Commodore, and Wang all warmed up and ready to go.

Am I a techie, or what?

Peace, Maxine