May 15, 2006

Noticing "the saggy" and the eye-rolling.

That was a rather good episode of "The Apprentice" tonight. I really appreciated the judgment of the guys from WalMart and Microsoft. Sean and Lee had an unfinished exhibit. It was missing its "roof" and that made the walls sag embarrassingly. But they had a more commercial idea for the presentation. The women's team created a more finished-looking display, but it was really a tacky living room sort of place, where kids would park themselves in the comfy chairs and keep fast-moving money-spenders from entering at all. It's easy to imagine how Sean and Lee could have been excoriated for their messy hut, but the women's team lost. The big issue for the women was the eye-rolling. It's not eye-rolling, it's eye-raising. Allie and Roxanne went into high-school mode, disrespecting Tammy at every turn of the shopping cart. And since Roxanne also made the the lame signage, it looked for sure as if Roxanne would go down. Maybe even both Roxanne and Allie. But, no, it was Tammy who got fired. She just didn't lead. Now get out of here. Go.


Glenn Howes said...

This was like American Idol singing Elvis songs in terms of gender discrimination. X-Box is a guy thing, and just what gamer type would go for faux Oscar night?

And who sets up an X-Box without the optional 5.1 Spherex surround system?

See you at the wrap party.

Ann Althouse said...

Yeah, I know. On the other hand, what's Oscar Night about comfy chairs?

West Coast Independent said...

Surprisingly the guys won tonight. At the beginning, I thought I’d see another task where the guys had the natural advantage of knowing the product and being much more familiar with it than the girls. But time after time, The male teams would arrogantly assume they would automatically win the challenge and then blow it on the execution. IN the past seasons I’ve seen guys get their creative butts kicked in everything from creating sports car ad campaigns, selling sports equipment, or like in the last episode, sell steak house food.. It seems as though the guys would just assume that everyone felt the same way towards the product as the guys do.

So I was really surprised to see that in spite of the problems getting their display walls, and roofs delivered on time, they really understood what Microsoft and Wal-Mart wanted. A Xbox 360 display that sold products.

The girls on the other hand seem tired and completely unenthusiastic about the Xbox and Wal-mart. It was obvious that they could care less about the Xbox and they don’t shop at Wal-mart.

I’m going to go out on a limb here but I predict that Donald will select Sean as his latest apprentice. Allie and Roxianne pretty much eliminated themselves out of the running tonight by not supporting Tammy as their project manager. I don’t think Donald likes Lee so he wont pick him.

I think this season’s group of candidates seems overall uninspiring.

LoafingOaf said...

X-Box is a guy thing

That's an increasingly invalid and outdated stereotype. Well, most girls I know dig video games, anyway!

Besides, the women on this task had three minds/workers vs. two.

Is anyone sick of Donald's boy toy Bill Rancid?? Are women viewers so into this guy's act that they're killing the show with too little of good ole George for the rest of us?? :(

As for the contestants, early on I picked Roxanne out as one of the stronger ones. She seemed bright and nice and real. As the weeks have gone on, I'm afraid Allie is dragging her down and has been a bad influence, and that might be Roxanne's downfall. Looks like it's Lee's to lose.

Ann Althouse said...

Roxanne and Allie were sabotaging Tammy. Trump's lesson of the week was even about sabotaging. He made a yooge point of saying how much he hated sabotagers. Firing Tammy had to mean that she wasn't Trumpish enough to see it and act harshly. Instead, she whined.

So I agree, Roxanne and Allie are lost. When the three women were all talking at once, it was dreadful.

A final between Lee and Sean? That's just so bizarre, so much worst than any past show.

SteveR said...

Easily the weakest final group yet, fitting given the very weak tasks this season. Roxanne has shown me the most but that's not saying much. Thr trend towards sabotage, which seems to be the starting point in every task, has cast negativity on everyone.

"Now get out of here. Go." My favorite part of the show. "And you two did a lousy job as well"

Ricardo said...

"Now get out of here. Go."

Immediately followed by the requisite sycophantish comments like "That was an easy decision", "You did the right thing", and "Your hair sure looks good this week".

Since Trump made the point of telling everyone how he HATES anyone who says anything bad about him, and how he remembers things like that forever, no wonder everyone around him sucks up to him at every occasion.