May 4, 2006

"I was forced to sell him, but now I'm so happy to see my son's success."

Budhia, the 4-year-old long-distance runner.

UPDATE: The boy has serious health problems.


Bissage said...

Am I the only one who finds that disjunctive "but" more than a little troubling? Perhaps something was lost in translation.

word verification: Bhubaneswar. A place where things are different.

Bissage said...

Wait a minute. Is she saying she's glad she sold him? Is she saying she'd have remained sad if he'd remained undistinguished?

Wait a minute. I think I've got it. She was sad to have sold him, and she's still sad, but she's glad things are better for him, now that he's been sold.

That actually makes sense to me. Sorry it took so long.

Eli Blake said...

It is sad that anyone would live in such poverty that they would have to sell their children.

In America, that is a crime. But in some places, it is not only legal, but accepted as a way of ensuring survival for both the mother and the son.