May 20, 2006

"I Shouldn't Be Alive."

Do you watch that TV show? It's always about a couple guys who go out on some free-spirited day trip and get in way over their heads. It's harrowing, but, given the title of the show, you know they're not going to die.

I think about that show when reading some of Nina's dispatches from Europe:
And so it is no surprise that in the afternoon, I want time out.

I want to climb the mountain that shelters Dubrovnik. Sure, I remember the warnings about landmines. But I also read the poignant accounts of mothers scaling the summit daily to pray for their sons whose lives were lost on these hills. And I hear there is a path. And if you stick to the path, you are safe.

I twist daughters’ arms and we set off.

It takes no time at all for me to get lost. One path becomes a dead end. Another leads to a seemingly deserted house with chained dogs growling the minute I come within 100 meters of them.
We know she lives to blog about it.


Dave said...

"Do you watch that TV show?"


knoxgirl said...

I love that show! I got hooked on it a few weeks ago. It's always a nail-biter. (They're not all extreme-sports-go-wrong...)

Wickedpinto said...

Not a fan of the show, Way too "Rescue 911" minus Bil Shat's voice to give me a giggle for my taste.

But in that snippet. . .did the chick mention that she wanted to climb the mountain that has landmines on it, and she took her friggen daughter? not just "took" but "twisted" her arm?

This chick deserves a lifetime movie. And Pam Dauber should play her.