May 12, 2006

"Chris Daughtry to become lead singer of Fuel."

Booted 'Idol' contestant gets new job/Chris Daughtry to become lead singer of Fuel says the headline to this CNN article. But the text of the article doesn't support that headline.

And while I'm doing a Chris Daughtry post, let me note that there is an awful lot of analysis out there saying that his fans got complacent and would have called in more votes if they'd suspected he was in danger of going. Chris himself is saying that in a quote in the CNN article. But, as has been demonstrated time and again on the show, voters respond to the performance on a given night, and Chris's performance last Tuesday was not strong enough to wow people who weren't already blinded by idolatry. Chris leaving was like Tamyra leaving in Season 1. Both of them had been great in earlier shows, but fell short one night -- a night when a person whose turn it seemed to be to leave stepped up (as they say on reality shows). Elliott Yamin, like Nikki McKibben in Season 1, felt the danger and performed. And "America" heard it.

(And Katharine McPhee has a female body. And "America" saw it.)

MORE: From The Anchoress, including what folks backstage think of Chris.


Jennifer said...

Interesting. Odd headline!

I'm a little turned off by the Its-the-voters-fault line Chris seems to be taking. Learn from Kelly Pickler - a little humility goes a long way!

SteveR said...

Chris: Of course its the voter's fault you got booted. Duh!

Chris: Its your fault you gave them no reason to keep you. At this point you can't survive just on the good will you establihed 6 weeks ago.

You were up against a very attractive female, Taylor Elvis Clinton Hicks and someone fighting for their life.

Timothy said...

It's not just that McPhee has a female body, it's that she's nubile and extremely well proportioned. And not nearly as annoying as Pickler was.

Verfication word: Jtora

Jtora, given name of the only Jew in Harlem.

Timothy said...

Incidentally, Chris will make the perfect lead singer for Fuel, as Fuel really is Generic Alt Rock Band #12.

JLR said...

For what it's worth:

I tried to phone votes in for Chris numerous times, and only got through once.

(I also tried to phone votes in for Elliott numerous times, and didn't get through at all.)

So perhaps there is something to be said for busy signals playing a role in Chris's demise. If Chris got the fewest number of votes, how come I kept getting a busy signal on both lines (except once)?

Ann Althouse said...

Re busy signals: bases its predictions on the busy signals. On that calculation, Chris and Kat were at the bottom. Anyone who checked the website was expecting either Chris or Kat to leave.

SteveR said...

In hour two of voting from here in the remote MDT zone I called four times for Kat and got through each time.

Next week three songs: personal choice, judges choice and Clive Davis' choice (and critiques). I've always liked this set up although I was hoping for a Madonna or Cher theme night.

dick said...

The comments I have read about the Chris thing is that when people tried to call on Chris's line #2 they kept getting the message that there were technical difficulties on the line and their call could not go through. If that is indeed the case, then the results are definitely not reliable.

KAWyle said...

My own guess is that Chris shot himself in the foot with his bragging about all the gifts he was getting by mail, and his "boxer brief" comment. He came off looking full of himself, which turns some people off -- and the underwear business probably drove away some male fans.

Seven Machos said...

Okay, folks. I live abroad right now and I guess I missed the boat on this American Idol thing. The only thing I have to compare it to is Star Search. Great as it may have been, I just don't think bloggers would be blogging about how great or poorly Sinbad or N*Sync was last night.

As you may recall, I am pretty much politically conservative and anti-elitist, and I am not trying to be elitist here. Please explain to me the appeal of this show. I genuinely want to understand

jult52 said...

About McPhee, those of you saying she's only there because of her looks need to start listening and maybe try the harder endeavor of learning something about music.

McPhee is very, very good technically. She is almost always on pitch, has a very attractive voice, a big range and is far better trained than anybody she was competing against on Wed. Elvis songs are just not her forte and she survived. Meanwhile, Elliott was just lousy in his 1st number and he somehow comes up "big."

tiggeril said...

Seven machos: I can't speak for anyone else, but for me it's the "so bad it's good" factor. It's nothing but big heaping dollops of pure cheese, and if you look around online, you'll see that watching the fans of the show is sometimes even more entertaining than the show itself due to the amount of insane overinvestment in the contestants.

tiggeril said...

(And by cheese I don't mean a nice sharp Cheddar, I mean neon orange Gubmint Cheez.)

Michael Farris said...

"McPhee is very, very good technically. She is almost always on pitch, has a very attractive voice, a big range and is far better trained than anybody she was competing against on Wed."

That's not what I hear (I only listen to the mp3s at, I don't watch at all. I hear a singer with some classical training trying (mostly in vain) to apply it to pop songs and not quite hitting the mark. She seems to attack everything from below or from above and has to shift registers too often.

Timothy said...

McPhee is often flat, and she's trying to sound too much like a pop diva rather than hitting the notes in her own voice. Good technically? I've seen better than all of them in high school musicals, frankly.

Goatwhacker said...

I thought Chris was annoying. I guess I'm in the minority but I didn't think any of the vocalists were particularly stellar. Chris' microphone stand thing was hokey although I did watch closely on the chance it might go flying into Ryan Sechrest.

tcd said...

Seven Machos,
It's a combination of so many things that I hardly know where to start. However, for a good sense of what this show represents try these two sights:

I highly recommend reading Susan's recaps as they are simultaneously hilarious and insightful. Susan is a writer by trade so her writing is excellent as well. All althouse AI fans should take a detour to Susan's blog too.

Michael Farris,
I love you!

jult52 said...

Michael/Tim: If you feel that way about McPhee, then you must find the rest of the singers unlistenable.

tiggeril said...

Seriously. It's amazing y'all made it through the audition rounds without your heads exploding like that guy in Scanners.

Sloanasaurus said...

My wife dropped her support of Chris at about the same time Althouse did. She said that Chris was too much of the same thing over and over and that he also had a big ego... By the last show, these negative traits did him in. He is good, maybe the best of this season. But, talent isn't everything. The crowd also has to love you.... and the Chris was boring the crowd.

Michael Farris said...

"If you feel that way about McPhee, then you must find the rest of the singers unlistenable."

My rundown for the rest of the final five:

Elliott's very, very good (despite some soulifying excesses and over reliance on vibrabrabrabrato). But great, sweet phrasing dead-on pitch and good instincts as to material. Compared to the rest of the final five, he's Tony frickin' Bennet, I'm not sure how he compares with the competition in the real world.

Chris has good instincts but an interesting basic timbre and a _very_ narrow stylistic range (and I only enjoyed him when he was two degrees from blowing his voice to pieces).

Paris is a work-in-progress, she should drop the Whitney/Mariah aspirations and develop her relationship to the text more.

Taylor's not a singer. He's a peformer, I can't even get upset at the tremendous holes in technique and execution because he's not even pretending to be a stylist. He's equal parts Bill Clinton, William Shatner, middlin' Elvis impersonator and office guy blowing off steam at a karaoke bar. Not my trough of slop, but most people can't seem to get enough of it and oink for more.

verification word: kuarbij, actual given name of an Indonesian born member of the lower Dutch parliament.

Jennifer said...

Interesting...Fuel may be backpedaling.

We are entertaining the idea and the offer to Chris was that we would be willing to entertain him as an option. However, there is a lot to discuss and be decided. Is it right for us? Would it be the right thing for Chris? Would he even be able to get out of the contractual obligations to Am Idol? Would we be able to get things squared with Sony? So nothing is cut and dry, even if both camps thought it was right thing to do, it still might be impossible to work out all the details.


jult52 said...

Michael Farris: I disagree with you about Elliott. I fault his interpretations -- he sings most of his songs at or close to one dynamic level -- and I think he has serious intonation problems. But thanks for the knowledgeable comments.

Agree with you about Chris' interpretive range, although I still liked him.

Barry Kearns said...


The new headline / subheadline are:

Booted 'Idol' hopeful may have new job

Chris Daughtry offered gig as lead singer of Fuel

Looks like they are backing away from the sense of certainty they initially ran with.