May 28, 2006

Audible Althouse #51.

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I talk about comics, especially Popeye:

Popeye menu

There's some stuff about the "Masters of American Comics" show at the Milwaukee Art Museum and Art Spiegelman writing about cartoons in Harper's Magazine. Then there's that list of conservative rock songs and Pete Townsend's reaction to "Won't Get Fooled Again" being on it. I talk a bit about Bob Dylan. (The Paul Simon song I can't quite remember is "Night Game.")

There's some exciting violence involving a spider that occurs early on in this podcast. And the whole thing ends with a discussion of cool. And Kookie.


Wickedpinto said...

Babe? I love your podcast, and your blog.

But really "it is hell?" talking about wisconsin? It might be warm today, but it won't be THAT warm tomorrow, and while you ARE sitting at a mike talking so that you can keep up the tradition of sunday evening commentary, thats, not really hell.

I look back on my life, and all of my work experience (I quit a lot of jobs, for exactly the reason I'm gonna define)in my life because they are boring, they accomplish nothing, However I bitched from day one at every job I have had, EXCEPT for the Marine Corps. While in the Corps, I bitched WHILE I did my job, but that was the best job I ever had, that was the only time I thought myself human, because my experience was so subhuman in it's proffit motive. But while in the MC, I did my job, in fact, I did it better than most, thats why I have shiny stuff on my left chest in my dress "Alpha"'s

I appreciate your effort, but please? understand that your understanding of "hell" is completely relative. I was required to "camp out" without any cover for more than a month in the open air and it rained almost every day. We would warm our "sleeping bags" on the exhausts of support vehicles (which is even more ironic cuz I was in a support MOS) We would dry our boots, by hanging them on the guide lines of the tents we slept in, we would keep our weapons dry and clean by sleeping in a half upright position, proping ourselves up with the cross support offered by the forward sight riser, X'd up into a self sustaining structure that we could rest our chins on as we fell asleep on while sitting up.

Also, In the MC, and I FREELY and OPENLY admit that I was a "geek Marine" my MOS was 2881/5911/6341/0411, it's public info, I was a GEEK GEEK GEEK Marine, cuz I didn't have just a primary and secondary MOS, I had an ADDITIONAL MOS.

Anyways, no matter my geekdom? I was also a "Rifleman" and I took that seriously as well, that is why I volunteered for the BS trainins, and for the survivals, and for the assault trainings that exist.

In truth, though my basic job was rebuilding circuit cards, and destroying communications documents, I got EXCELLENT training as to how to endure the effort of killing people. Cuz that is what Marine was.

"Hell" is OBVIOUSLY comparative.

I didn't go through the hell of the snipers I knew, or the recon guys I knew, or the seals guy I met once (there are marines in the seals, though they are RARE)

What I learned from those people, the Force Recons, the Seal, and in fact, I would include MANY of the "doc's" the naval medics, is that I didn't go through hell, though I think I did, they came MUCH closer to hell, than I.

And men like me, and others that serve, ESPECIALLY those who serve now, have been through a bigger hell than you can ever articulate.

Wickedpinto said...

DAMNIT!!! I left out the summation.

The POINT is that while I was in the Marine Corps, I learned "what bottom is" I was corrected by many friends, they spoke of their own lowest points, and then I spoke the truth "You are right" I agreed with them, but then I said the truth "In the MC, I realized, that EVERY TIME I thought there was nothing left? I had one more step, one more shot, one more word"

We are Human, and that is a POWERFUL thing, HUMANITY is the greatest thing that lets us conquer the animals.

There IS NO BOTTOM! there is only an ACCEPTENCE of bottom. Marines NEVER hit bottom, if they find bottom? they will recreate the meaning, and Stand ABOVE the bottom.

Ann Althouse said...

Now, wait a sec, did I say it was "hell"? I don't think so. Anyway, if the military experience is the standard of comparison, I won't be allowed to whine about anything. This is like the way my mother was always responding to complaining by saying "If that's the worse thing that ever happened to you..." She -- I should mention -- was a WAC in WWII, working with men who suffered from battle fatigue.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

wickedpinto: Ease up, Marine! She's suffering for her art.

If there were a "Bob Dylan" drinking game for this podcast, I would be TOTALLY WASTED! I'm tempted to listen to it again just to count the number of times you say his name. It's got to be dozens.

Anonymous said...

Pumping Bob Dylan for coin. Good stuff. I bet every blogger with a Paypal link is thinking something like that.