May 21, 2006

Audible Althouse #50.

The 50th podcast is ready to download or stream.

Freddie's dead, smoking'll kill you (and make you glamorous), shallow fictional characters (and the authors who hate them), the women's studies sociologist who became a prostitute and why the Washington Post is writing so much about it (and what it's not saying), John McCain's lack of awareness and spontaneity while giving a commencement address at The New School, the promotion of movies by stirring up bogus controversies, and wondering how sweet or harsh to make my own writing.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

I envision Simon Cowell, front and center at McCain's speech at the New School. Cowell chides McCain with: "You had your chance to have a moment and instead you just drove through your lyrics without any feeling whatsoever."

Veil your barbs. It's much classier.

Palladian said...

Congratulations on your "gold" podcast. Or is 50 diamonds? Who the hell made up those anniversary-gift correlations anyway?

Anonymous said...

Regarding literary poses and whether or not you should be harsher or sweeter in your writing.

Change nothing!

Unless the muse demands it. Then, of course, obey the muse.

One thing about literary poses. The sharper the pose, the greater the chance of being embarrassingly wrong. Some of my favorite writers who adopt the acerbic asshole pose are embarrassingly wrong quite a bit. You are rarely embarrassingly wrong.

Also, irony and playful misdirection are cool and give one room to maneuver. Christopher Hitchens has clearly changed his mind about a great many things. But to hear him say it, he hasn't changed at all. He's been perfectly consistent. It's the world that's gone mad. Had he adopted a subtler pose, he might be able to pull this off.

I am against the Thomas Friedman/David Brooks pose. Unless one is sufficiently arrogant, trying to be the most reasonable person in the room all the time is grating.