May 7, 2006

Audible Althouse #48.

Here's the new podcast. (Streamable here.) School's out for the summer, and I'm in a great mood, talking about teachers and students, laptops and film clips, and driving around the twisty backroads, listening to the radio.


Tim said...

I just finished the section on ice-clinking and burst out laughing at how you moved along through it.

Anonymous said...
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XWL said...

Towards the end of this podcast I think there was possibly an historic moment.

A middle of the baby-boom baby-boomer called herself old.

Has that ever happened before?

(isn't it always 40 is the new 25, or 50 is the new 30, or 65 is the new 40, no doubt 100 will be the new 65, 40 years from now)

I find it refreshing that someone from that demo, enjoys their years rather than hides them, or tries too hard to demonstrate that the calendar hasn't caught up with them (I'm talking to you Madge), brava.

Also, when Prince (currently, his latest video streams at link if you wait a bit) went by that symbol for awhile, he sometimes was referred by an acronym of 'the artist formerly known as prince' aka TAFKAP. The folks at Fleet St. shortened that to TAFFY.

Now in these comment sections we have a commenter formerly known as quxxo sulking about with various foreign symbols standing in for his/her/its identity.

TAFFY, works though, if not DAFFY.

(DAFFY is begging to be deleted with the above post. Does anyone care what happens behind the TimesSelect curtain anymore, anyway?)

Palladian said...

Did you know that "ß" (or Eszett) is a German ligature for SS?

Apt? Hardly. The original SS were concise (and quite a bit more evil). I'd suggest a change from ß to Þ (Thorn). Apt? Yes: Not evil, just annoying, painful and possibly infectious. Maybe we need to call St Jerome.

Thanks for the podcast, Ann.

Ann Althouse said...

XWL: I think I call myself "old" all the time -- probably because I think it's youthful to use stark terminology.