April 12, 2006

"You can’t imagine the gratitude that I feel toward this particular law school."

The Wisconsin Innocence Project.


MadisonMan said...

I hope people read about this and understand and appreciate their work. I recall a letter to the editor in the State Journal re: Steven Avery and the Innocence Project lamenting the fact that the Innocence Project sprung Avery on a technicality and thereby caused Theresa Halbach's murder. And I'm thinking to myself: what kind of technicality is innocence?

Then I started wondering why the State Journal would publish a factually inaccurate letter. So I wrote and asked them, but my letter was never published.

Frank from Delavan said...

I noted one statement in the article - "Findley said eyewitness error accounted for 60 to 85 percent of wrongful conviction."

I just heard DA in the Duke rape case, remark (after DNA evidence didn't compute,) "We're going to do it the old fashioned way, have everybody tell what they saw..."

In Avery's case, the real question I have is what did those years in prison do to him?

MadisonMan said...

the real question I have is what did those years in prison do to him?

Avery was apparently an unsavory character before he was wrongly convicted. I believe that was one reason the police initially zeroed in on him as a suspect.

Marcus Aurelius said...

Avery was not a man who snapped because of prison. What are the numbers? Of the general felon population like 70% of those released will work their way back into the system. The recidivism rate of those sprung by the WIP is miniscule (I saw a discussion of this on Captain's Quarters and according to a NYT report its like 2 people of 170ish). I believe Avery is the second of them to find himself a ward of the system. Avery is no angel.

Avery was one of the usual suspects already a felon when arrested for the rape. My father knows the family and he says nothing nice of them. Avery also has another felonious sexual assault charge pending against him in Brown County. That charge probably will not be pursued due to the nature of the Halbach charges.