April 5, 2006

"Why don't they help us, try and help us, before this clay and granite planet falls apart?"

R.I.P., Gene Pitney.


reader_iam said...

How can we keep love alive
How can anything survive
When those little minds tear you in two
What a town without pity can do

R.I.P. indeed.

Goesh said...

....Robbing people with a six-gun, I fought the law and the law won...

He had such a unique voice.

Randy Cadenhead said...

"You were all the happiness I knew
Born to lose and now I'm losing you."

Ann Althouse said...

"I Fought the Law" is the "unique voice" of Bobby Fuller.

Michael Farris said...

"Because the point of a gun
was the only law that Liberty understood
When it came to shooting
straight and fast,
he was mighty good.
Everyone heard two shots ring out,
the shot made Liberty fall
The man who shot Liberty Valance,
he shot Liberty Valance,
he was the bravest of them all."

If they had any soul, American Idol would have an all-Pitney outing.

Goesh said...

and all these years I thought it was Gene Pitney! Now I'm thinking I have Johnny Horton and Gene confused too.