April 13, 2006


TV's 10 best.


MadisonMan said...

Wow. I've heard of one of those actors (Naveen Andrews) and never seen any of the shows mentioned (well, except SNL in a previous incarnation).

I am so out of it.

Bissage said...

At least I know about Stewie. But we must be working with a mighty broad definition of "scene stealing" if a drawing voiced by the show's creator is acting ultra vires.

Perhaps we should be working with the term "disproportionately prominent."

BrianOfAtlanta said...

Well, I've at least heard of Stewie.

Sayid is my favorite character on LOST. Every time Jack nearly gets one of his own people killed, I remind my daughter (who got me hooked on LOST) about the differences between a real soldier and someone who likes to play soldier.

Laura Reynolds said...

The good thing is that when these folks steal a scene, I'll never know its missing

Pat Patterson said...

Wow, I'm twice as hip as Madison Man. I've heard of two of the scene stealers, Jamie Pressly and Forrest Whittaker and actually seen their current work. As for the rest, who?