April 15, 2006

The Madison Lollipop sees its shadow on Holy Saturday.


Does this mean 4 more weeks of winter?


bearbee said...

No. Lolli is red - hot, passionate, powerful- and pointing south - summer, youth warmth - so a short warm spring and early summer .....or not

Ann Althouse said...

I think you're right! I keep seeing young lovers, holding hands, kissing -- everywhere!

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Your sidewalk lollipop makes my heart go giddy-up.

(You wouldn't want me to publish Snoop Dogg's lyrics to a similarly titled song).

Jennifer said...

Ha - I googled "madison lollypop" to see if that was an annual event or an Ann Althouse find.

It appears that a young star - not too far off from the fratire gig - goes by that name. I am surmising because I didn't actually click on the links.

Ricardo said...

"Does this mean 4 more weeks of winter?"

(Smiling) No, it means that you have far too much free time on your hands. (Although it is really cute)

Alan Kellogg said...

I have no clue about extended seasons, but I can confidently say that spot in the sidewalk is going to be swarming with ants for at least 4 weeks.

Steve said...

No, it means that I will probably step on it with my left shoe while trying to scrape the gum I just stepped in off my right shoe.

Littering is a crime, Althouse... that is, of course, unless it is undocumented guest littering.

reader_iam said...

Heh! So fun, this picture and post.

We hit temperatures in the '80s on Friday, and with a good shot of humidity in the wake of Thursday night's tornado-producing weather, so I feel confident in saying that winter is behind us.

OT, but yet, oddly, somehow not: I'm discovering that the difference between having an almost 5-year-old and an almost 6-year-old when warm weather hits is the sheer, impressive amount of griminess (as opposed to messiness, as in consuming food etc.) that the latter can amass as compared to the former.

Must have something to do with the increased freedom out-of-doors this year rather than last.

Is there some kind of correlation between gaining new freedoms and the potential--nay, actuality--of acquiring grime?

Lots o' metaphor and subtext going on there, if so ... .

Todd said...

Oh, that's where I left that.

Steve said...

Well, Todd, that's the last Easter basket you're getting from me!