April 16, 2006

Happy Easter.


Ron said...

The same to you, Ann! Any egg rolling or ham baking in your house today? Or are you going to try and get work done?

Ruth Anne Adams said...


Do you have a fetching bonnet to don?

Ann Althouse said...

I'm sitting here, hatless, having eaten a peanut butter sandwich. It's pouring rain, which I'm perfectly happy about, because I want to use the day to finish a draft of an essay that's due on Thursday. I do have some flowers to look at, daffodils, but they are quite wilted.

chuck b. said...

It's pouring rain where I am too. Impossible weather for an Easter egg hunt.

Happy Easter to all.

al said...

Happy Easter to all. My daffodils are in bloom and quite happy right now. Perfect for today.

Drethelin said...

easter? more like happy wester!

Ruth Anne Adams said...

Professor A: Did you at least put a little marshmallow Fluff on that sandwich and make it a fluffernutter? Pureed peeps on peanut butter.


Finn Kristiansen said...

Ann, and others, Happy Easter and Happy Sunday.

I thought about going to church this morning (over the years I have slacked, often having to work Sundays, or choosing to sit around reading the paper or goofing off).

Then I thought about all the crowds that show up on Easter. The crowds always annoyed me as a child, as I was an introvert and the influx of "godless" (I was very fire and brimstone back then) visitors would result in our family sitting in some odd spot, usually way up front where I felt on display.

Then too, there was the uncomfortable hotness created by all the bodies packed into the church, the smell of bad breath unmasked by cinnamon gum- still stinky, the boring Easter sermon that one had heard a bazillion times over, the added pressure to dress up a bit more. Too much. Not to mention my dad eyeing me with his "You'll get a spanking" face when I nodded off contantly.

I could never understand how Easter could be important to people who pretty much ignored Christianity the rest of the year. It seemed as though it should mean something beyond just culture, beyond a day for a family outing.

So today, I will clean, read, maybe read the Bible (but nothing Easter related), call some family, and check my meager bank account and see if there is enough money in there to order a pizza or Chinese.

I might try to rewatch the Narnia dvd I dozed through last night, as all I can remember is some really bad CGI and nodding off with a disappointed feeling that C.S. Lewis was not done total justice.

Outside it is sunny and warm here in Phoenix, and it is lunchtime.