April 29, 2006

Garden shadows.

In the Boston Public Garden today, the brilliant sun made lusciously dark shadows:








storkdoc said...

You're making me miss my hometown.....KY is just not the same

Velobiff said...

Aren't the Swan Boats running yet?

athenius said...

Lovely photos. But where are all the people? I've never seen the Garden so empty before!
(Swan boats: they don't 'run'; they're pedaled.)

Ann Althouse said...

Velobiff, Athenius: Here's the whole set. I tend to wait for people to get out the way when trying to get nature shots, unless they are photogenic, and I don't like shooting strangers close up (except in some rare cases, like the previous post). I've got a couple shots with the swan boats, but didn't especially like them as a photograpic subject. They make a good impression in person, but actually look rather blocky and cluttered (with people) in the photos.

Matt Brown said...

Ann: You're right about pictures with the swan boats. They are fun to watch in person, but not to look at it photos.

Sissy Willis said...

Breathtaking. There is no substitute for the artist's eye. :)

Gary Furash said...

I'd move back in a minute if I had the opportunity.

Maxine Weiss said...

I'm surprised you didn't get into any of the private Beacon Hill gardens. Surely you know someone?
Beacon Hill does gardens like nobody.

---The red brick---love that! They don't have earthquakes there.

I was thinking the deep red at night probably looks translucent....then again a single gal out walking at night.....digital camera in hand, ....not a good idea.

That last picture of the drooping fir tree.....or is that Eucalyptis? (spelling horror).
I love the way the trees' branches overhang.

Where I live they chop down, and excessively prune till there's nothing left. Job creation. Jobs before shade. Sigh.

Peace, Maxine

Harkonnendog said...

Beautiful pics of beautiful places!


Fran Friel said...

Gorgeous! Excellent photos. I've never been to the Boston Public Gardens, but from your pics, I'll definitely be visiting.