April 10, 2006

"Do not say: my mind was completely off."

Lee advises the English-deficient Lenny, on tonight's "Apprentice." Lenny's a little, why not?, I was really tired. Adorable!

Lenny is ousted, after he chooses to bring Lee back. Outrageous! Lee helped him, stood by him, and he fingered him. As they are leaving, Trump says: "And Lee, your loyalty was very nice."

Hey, it's a double episode!

Michael "is SUCH wanker" -- according to the guy with the English accent. The team won, but they lambasted Michael back at the hotel. In the new episode, Trump asks if anyone wants to switch teams, and Michael, smartly, decides to move.

"It will completely change your whole concept of reality." -- That's the desperate sales pitch for the pizza sandwich: P'eatzza.

So the teams try to sell P'eatzza, and who really cares what the problems were? Bottom line: the price point was too high. "Leslie, you fired. Phfeehrwhf!"

First person to be fired on her birthday? Oh, spare me. You know, if you are an adult, your birthday is an irrelevancy. With your spouse, you can act as if it's a big issue. But for the rest of the world: we don't care.

CORRECTION: I had the "wanker" quote slightly off -- not completely off -- and just fixed it. Thought you'd like to know. Not really. Thought some blogger ethics required me to confess.


Jinnmabe said...

You know, if you are an adult, your birthday is an irrelevancy. With your spouse, you can act as if it's a big issue. But for the rest of the world: we don't care.

THANK YOU. Finally, somebody who agrees with me about this.

Anonymous said...

Not only a nasty attitude to have, but someone agrees! What a rotten world this is.

Telecomedian said...

It's no different than any other day of the year, except that a certain number of years ago, on this particular day you were extracted from your mother's womb.

I as well have never understood the fascination of adults worshiping their birthdays. Congratulations! You're another year closer to declining health, Social Security and death. Whoo! Let's party!

This show has been on long enough now that contestants should know how Trump thinks, and asking for any kind of favor because of a birthday is pretty weak. Maybe if there was a death, birth, or serious accident in the family of a contestant, sure.

Ann Althouse said...

I particularly dislike when a TV show calls attention to a guest or contestant's birthday. It's such a boring fact! And the implication is that they should be treated better than the others. It's a request for unethical behavior.

Truly said...

Lenny, adorable? I had an entirely opposite reaction--he really gave me the creeps. Last night was the first time I watched this series, but Lenny was incompetent from the word go. Who puts all sorts of expensive, breakable things like musical instruments where kids have unfettered access to them? Are they all morons?

Also, the whole conspiracy, stab-in-the-back nonsense was a bit much. How did he get to be successful in the first place?

Only halfway paid attention to the second episode. "P'eatzza"??? That has to be a joke, right?

Charmaine needs to learn to keep her trap shut, but at least she was able to accomplish some things. Also, Tarek is cute. It had to be said.

Laura Reynolds said...

Charmaine does need to learn to keep her trap shut.

These commercials posing as projects are getting worse. I mean a big part of the show is kissing Trump's ass and now you have to kiss up to some anonymous big shots, "So what values do you want us to highlight?", and how well you kiss up to them is what determines your success?

What do two Ace Hardware execs know about recreation for inner city kids?

Gee I could go on and on...

LoafingOaf said...

The kids seemed to like Lenny's music room better than the room with the...Trump board game and Ace ads.

But Lenny did seem off his game this week. Ah well. Who to root for now??? I'm going with Roxanne. She seems the most genuine. Although lawyers never win on The Apprentice.

I miss Ivanka. :(

How much do you think the vegetarian Andrea hated having to act impressed by a disgusting pizza sandwich?

Sean E said...

Damn double episodes! How did I not know that until this morning? Gaah!

I seriously do not believe that the Trump board game was put in the room by the team. Total after-the-fact product placement shot.