April 2, 2006

Daylight savings, moot court.

Daylight Savings at last! I've been waking up to the sun for a couple weeks now, so I'm already caught up to the new time. What a relief to get this readjustment! It's one thing to wake up and want to get up and look at the time and see that it's 5, and another to see that it's 6. It's fine to get up at 6, but stupid to feel that you have to get up and it's only 5. And the real pleasure will come this evening, when the day feels newly long. When you're younger, you like the return to Standard Time. In spring, you think, now I must pay for the pleasure of gaining that extra hour last fall. But when you're older, weeks ahead of Daylight Savings, you feel there's an excess hour in there that needs cutting out.

But whether I've got one less hour this morning or not, I'm more pressed for time than usual for a Sunday, because I need to show up at the Capitol this morning to play judge for a moot court competition. Last year, I photoblogged moot court judging at the Dane County court house. We've got a new court house now, but I'm not going to be there. We'll be in the Supreme Court this morning, which is a very grand old place. I'll try to get some photos for you.


John(classic) said...

Many years ago I was represented by Sen. Hugh Scott. I attended a "neighborhood meeting" before the election.

One lady from the audience bitterly upbraided Sen. Scott for Congress having passed uniform daylight savings as her african violets got too mych sunlight. .

Sen. Scott a man of amiable disposition and limited intellect considered this problem for a moment, and then gently explained to the woman that it all evened out becuase in the fall the clock would roll back and they would get an hour less sun. Ir would, he asserted all even out over he ourse of the year.

The expression on his aide's face was memorable.

amba said...

Just the opposite. It's harder to lose that hour now, because there's less time all around.

jinnmabe said...

I think it's nice to hear someone say they like DST. All I hear are complaints about it, but I love it. Being able to play with my kids in daylight after work, now my kids get up at 8 instead of 7, more time on the golf course, etc.

Joan said...

I hate DST, because now all my relatives live 3 hours time difference away, instead of just 2. It's annoying. I love it that we don't do DST here in Arizona. The last thing we want to do here is shift daylight time later into the day!

Slocum said...

When you're younger, you like the return to Standard Time.

Not as kids, we didn't. As kids, daylight savings time magically created a whole other hour to play after school. I find it's the same as an adult (substitute 'work' for 'school'). In fact, I always think of beginning daylight savings as finally emerging from the long tunnel of winter (and going back to standard time in the fall as entering the tunnel).

BTW, does it bother anybody but me how asymmetric daylight savings time is? It ends well after the fall equinox, so it should begin well *before* the spring equinox--not after.

To me, the obvious, poetically correct day to being daylight savings would be Groundhog Day. It's got all the right associations (sunlight, shadows, the end of winter). And the time with respect to the equinox is just about right.