April 30, 2006

Audible Althouse #47.

I'm feeling at cross-purposes with the other lawprofs at the lawproffy "Bloggership" conference at Harvard, and I'm thinking about Neil Young and what he meant to me when I was young. I'm home from Boston, sitting in my big room, and there are big birds flying across the sky. It's a very podcasty podcast that touches on the blogginess of blogging.

Here's the podcast. Live stream here.


Ruth Anne Adams said...

To blog--perchance to live: ay, there's the rub.

Makes me almost wistful for the van full of smoking Episcopalians, who also didn't quite get it.

vnjagvet said...

It is wonderful that you are not "of the mold" of lawprofs. That's why I read your blog every day, often before any other.


Art, music, life in general, but sharp on politics and, of course, scholarly and often probing, interesting and deep on the law.

And that is what makes the blogosphere so great. We all can shape an individual approach (or approaches) with little capital expenditure for publishing costs.

It really doesn't matter whether we attract an audience of one or one million.

Jacques Cuze said...

Technically speaking, I listened to the stream for a bit, and well it wasn't a live stream, was it?

Another very cool podcast over at myspace by Kats

Palladian said...

I'm listening, Ann. And it's weird, because I actually have trouble getting the other guys' model of weblogging, the idea that beauty and creation and freedom somehow isn't of interest and isn't how they want to live their lives, especially their lives outside of their jobs. I can't imagine feeling the need to be constrained like that, to live in fear like that. I teach at a college and never for a minute do I worry that what I say and what I do in my life, especially my creative life, would somehow be detrimental or threatening to that. If I worried about that for a second I would find another job.

Anyway, we're here, those of us who get it. I'm glad to be here to enjoy the benefits of your creative endeavors and to know you, or at least the bloggy facet of you.

Ann Althouse said...

Quxxo: You're right about "live stream," I guess. I've always used that term to refer to the fact that you have to listen to it as it flows into your computer (as opposed to downloading). What is the right term, just "stream"?

Ann Althouse said...

Palladian: Thanks for the perspective. My position seems obvious to me, but amid the lawprof bloggers, I appear marginalized, outré -- somewhat amusing but not an example to be followed.

Ruth Anne Adams said...

I "live stream" radio shows that are being broadcast. I "stream" podcasts through my computer. And I also "stream" radio shows that have been previously broadcast.