April 17, 2006

Another (alleged) murderer with a blog.

I'm not linking to the blog but to an excellent discussion of it at Metafilter. I suppose we'll see this more and more: someone is arrested, and then we get to read his blog, find the parts that seem to relate to the crime, and wonder whether the blog really seems much different from so many other blogs we've seen. And then the general public takes over the blog, writing comments to whatever happened to be the last post, talking about Hell and prison rape.


Finn Kristiansen said...

What's kind of interesting on that metafilter link is how much additional information people have picked up on him: his alternate email addresses, and nearly everything he was doing online (his role playing games, blogs posted on, myspace page, etc).

Kind of scary the trail that can be left online. Kind of makes you want to watch your P's and Q's.

And as many people commented, his tastes and thoughts were similar to those of many people online.

Which just goes to show you never really know anyone, and when you do, you still often don't know them.

Everyone, take your meds! Now! (Or take on a religion that provides for moral restraint).

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Michael Farris said...

I predict that soon very few murderers (besides gang members and the like) will not have blogs.