March 9, 2006

What blogs do members of Congress read?

John Hawkins has a list, at least of Republicans. Hey, Congressman Bob Ney reads my blog. Hi, Bob! Do you think Chloe deserved to win "Project Runway"?


Matt Brown said...

Between Malkin and Kos, I think the congressman has got everything covered.

Mark Daniels said...

Congressman Ney may be reading your blog for legal advice, Ann. At present, it appears that he needs it.


Nick said...

Too bad that's not more comprehensive. I see hits every now and then on my sitemeter from and also so I know someone is reading mine, I just am not sure who.

me said...

I was a huge Santino fan, so was not objective. I liked all three of the collections. However, objectively speaking, Daniel had the best collection. Some of the outfits were amazing. Although it might have been because of his models :)

Dave said...

Here's hoping they all get bogged down in their blogs, miss all the votes they are supposed to do, and government shuts down.

And then we pave over DC. Or put the swamp back there.

Anything to get rid of government.

MadisonMan said...

Anything to get rid of government.

What, you don't think the current strategy in Washington of spending the government out of existence on borrowed money is gonna work?

ChrisO said...

I find it telling that Ney was the only one who bothered to read (or have monitored) liberal blogs. Howw much of an echo chamber do these guys need? I'm a liberal, but I spend a fair amount of time on right wing (or conservative, or Republican) blogs, both because I like to engage in debate and because I like to see how people on the other side of the aisle from me frame their arguments.

I hope these guys aren't spending too much time on Malkin's blog. It would be nice to know that if they're going to visit these sites, they could at least visit the thoughtful ones. I mean really, Little Green Footballs?

Simon said...

This post is almost perfectly Althousian - on discovering a member of Congress reads your blog, what's the first thing that comes to mind? A question on what they think about the latest pop culture zeitgeist. :p

Righteous Bubba said...
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vbspurs said...

I mean really, Little Green Footballs?

I mean really, Daily Kos?

At least Lizard Nation can construct a sentence without sounding Tourettish.


vbspurs said...

I loooove that Ney has such varied blog-reading.

(It's also interesting that despite the Miers blip, almost all the Congressmen mentioned still read Hewitt, who is a good egg)

He in fact, reads many more blogs than I do; and I don't hold down a job and have LOADS of time on sabbatical.

He is one scheduled and organised mofo.


vbspurs said... and also so I know someone is reading mine, I just am not sure who.

I get those, but lots of .mil IPs too, which is great since I adore the military.

I know you're asking the same thing, but is there an IP range where you can see where they are from (sometimes it says, "unknown country" with the .mil endings).


Adam said...

Well, in one of his last acts as House Admin chair, Ney held a hearing on campaign finance reform and the Internet at which Duncan Black (Eschaton) and Mike Krempasky (RedState) appeared, and to which Markos Moultisas (Daily Kos) was invited, but unable to attend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob,

They have computers inside the big house?

Anonymous said...

FYI to all you it getters, Ney, in September when he used to head the Committee on House Administration, was looking into regulating internet speech, i.e. bloggers. At that time, lots of bloggers left and right got together to testify. In fact, even Atrios has acknowledged that Bob Ney is his bff (and actually seemed informed.)

I suspect that's why Ney has more than just Trent Frank's list of kool-aid blogs on his list.

Eli Blake said...


It's not that they aren't spending enough money, it's WHERE they are spending it.

They are building hospitals in Iraq, but the nearest hospital to me has been shut down for several years. Then last year, the healthcare clinic in my small town shut down. My wife needs surgery, and they can't find enough beds in the cities until more than two months after she first had an 'emergency' surgery to stop the bleeding (she had required five pints of blood) at the closest rural hospital and the doctor said, 'right away,' on the major surgery, so it takes two months.

It's nice to know the government is spending so much borrowed money, but they sure aren't spending it where it's needed. I would be nice to have a government that took care of business at home first instead of spending it overseas.

ChrisO said...


Yes, Little Green Footballs. I hardly ever read Kos, largely because of the tone of the commenters. That doesn't make LGF any more palatable. You remind me of the people who say "What about Clinton?" every time someone criticizes Bush.

My point was that all but one of the Congressmen listed read only right wing blogs. I think you can read plenty of right wing stuff, but reading LGF when you won't bother to check out Talking Points Memo or Washington Monthly or Steve Clemons is an indication of a very closed mind.