March 12, 2006

"I ain't gonna get blinded by some coward getting away with that."

Says John Lydon, expressing his hatred for the Sex Pistols fans who threw bottles at him: "If you're gonna pay money to go and blind someone you're the sort of person who needs to be put away for life."

He's saying why he will not tour, and that's just one of the reasons. The other is that he suffers terribly from stage fright:
"I miss the Pistols. I miss the lot of you, but when I came home from the last tour I couldn't get adjusted.

"I felt really out of place it took me a long time to get back to a real way of life.

"On tour, it was 12 hours of panic for an hour-and-a-half gig. I'm vomiting all day long with fear, stagefright, whatever it is."
"A real way of life" -- interesting. Don't the fans going to the shows feel that the band inspires a hatred of their own "real way of life" and offers some sort of hope of a way out?


Cousin Don said...

No Sid, no Sex Pistols...

Glad, they're not touring. I was embarassed for them when they did that reunion tour thing anyway.

me said...

The last tour sounded better than they did live back in the 70s. Sid was horrible, and they had their ORIGINAL bassist, Glenn Matlock, who can play his instrument.

There was absolutely no justification to throw bottles at the band. They are a rock and roll band. They rock harder than AC/DC. People don't understand (just like Kerouac), that unlike the punk bands that follwed the Pistols, Steve Jones, Paul Cook and Glen Matlock were real musicians, and that is why they made the best rock record of all time (coupled with the best lyric content of any record).

I'm surprised that John Lydon has such bad stage fright. On stage during the last tour, he looked quite comfortable. He was dressed like an over-sized Bart Simpson, and looked very cute. He had a lyric book of his songs, and could read the lyrics if he ran into memory problems.

Mickey said...

As a musician I butted heads with alot of my friends on the pistols. I didnt like them but I knew where they were coming from, which deserves a nod.

Anarchy in the get what you play for?

chuck b. said...

I don't believe Lydon has stage fright. I saw his second band PIL twice in the 80s and he seemed quite at ease on stage. I was pretty close to the stage too.