March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

And, therefore: Happy Birthday, John!


knoxgirl said...

...and happy birthday to my dad!

JohnF said...


XWL said...

Was there ever even the remotest consideration of the first name Patrick?

And Happy Birthday to knoxgirl's dad and John as well.

(The thought about a Patrick being born on St. Pat's crossed my mind given that my Mom's name is Jacquelyn and she was born on Halloween (and yes, her older brothers called her their jack-o-lantern))

knoxgirl said...

my dad's name is Patrick!

thanks xwl!

Ann Althouse said...

XWL: The baby was due on March 16th, and I would say (to amuse myself), "Oh, no, what if he's born on St. Patrick's Day? I'll have to name him Patrick!" You'd be surprised how many intelligent people would seriously assure me that I wouldn't have to name him Patrick. In truth, I never considered that name because I don't particularly like it. My second choice for a name was Joseph. If I hadn't had to agree with my husband about the name, I would have picked Tobias! Don't ask me why! I thought Tobias was a really cool name that people weren't using.