March 21, 2006

Googling in the billions.

Which words, searched in Google, yield over a billion hits? "Blog" is one. What has more? "Internet." What word has the most? I don't know. It isn't "sex." "Love" has more than "sex," though still painfully less than "blog"! Is there a name that hits a billion? Not "Bush," and it has two Presidents, not to mention all the shrubbery.


Ann Althouse said...

You think "the" is first? "WWW" has more.

Patrick Martin said...

"Web" - 14,460,000,000

JP said...

And ".com" is close behind.

On a lark, I changed the URL to show me results starting with #16,256. You know what? Google doesn't serve results past 1000. I guess that makes sense, but then how do they figure out what words have billions of hits? How reliable is the statement that "www" is more ubiquitous than "the"?

Dave said...

Is = 6.41 billion, it = 4.15 billion, an = 5 billion, I = 2.6 billion.

I get 4 billion for web.

Patrick Martin said...

"News" - 11,060,000,000
"The" - 23,170,000,000

And yes, I'm bored this evening.

P.S. Believe it or not, "porn" hits only 166 million.

Jennifer said...

"Sale" gets 1.43 billion.

Oddly the first hit is Human For Sale - Have you been thinking about putting yourself up for sale lately? Ever wonder how much money you could get on the open human market?

How does that come up first?

Jennifer said...

And yes, I'm bored this evening.

Hee hee - I should be mopping the kitchen. So, instead I'm commenting.

Patrick Martin said...

dave, I get 12.49 billion for "it" and 16.8 billion for "is". You're using plain old, with SafeSearch off?

Ann Althouse said...

"WWW" beats "the" and even "a."

Craig said...

Obviously, the results numbers are variable. I get 20.11 billion for "the," 20.27 billion for "a," and only 19.24 billion for "www."

JP said...

The popularity of "www" is no surprise, given how Google works, by examining links to pages as well as the pages themselves. So every time you see a link that shows the URL on the page (like rather than Althouse, you're contributing to the totals for "althouse", "blogspot", and "com". And since so many web pages have "www" in the URL, there ya go.

downtownlad said...

"the" has 22 billion.

"America" has more than "blog".

Dave said...

I'm using plain old Google.

Maybe I have the defective version of google.

Slac said...




Ed said...

Beatles: 49.9 million
Jesus: 209 million

I guess Lennon was wrong...

reader_iam said...

New: "13,350,000,000"
News: "10,400,000,000"

"Your" - 14,130,000,000
"Our" - 9,530,000,000
"My" - 6,440,000,000

(This is a bit heartening, really, don't you think? Of course, there are a lot of "features" that start with "your." Then again, I would have guessed there were more starting with "my." Mixed bag, therefore.)

"I" - 9,620,000,000
"We" - 8,030,000,000
"Me" - 4,020,000,000

And then there's this:

"Home" - 18,650,000,000


(I don't think I've EVER had this many tabs open at one time, and also this many windows. Fun.

Ann! You enabler, you!

; ) )

reader_iam said...


That "****" is missing a "*" at the end.


reader_iam said...

Then there's:

"search" - 15,100,000,000

as opposed to:

"google" - 1,780,000

reader_iam said...

"is" - 16,760,000,000

"is 'is' " - 11,620,000


reader_iam said...

Please, someone, stop me before I google again!


esk said...

joshp: The popularity of "www" is no surprise, given how Google works, by examining links to pages as well as the pages themselves.

That is true. So, I was interested to see what the 'Sponsored Links' would be to that non-word. It's 'Enhance your Breasts". I tried 'http' next and the top sponsored link is "Breast Enhancement Pills".

I wonder how much the Breast people pay to have their link come up for letters no one would ever search on.

reader_iam said...

Um, I left three very significant zeros off of "is 'is' ":


NOW my "heh" makes some sense, yes?

reader_iam said...

"U.S." - 14,870,000,000
"Europe" - 1,910,000,000

(Go ahead--google Canada, China, middle and/or mid east etc., just for fun.)

esk said...

reader wrote: Um, I left three very significant zeros off of "is 'is' ":


NOW my "heh" makes some sense, yes?


Reader, take a deep breath and relax. Repeat after me, "Google will always be there, I can search another day". Repeat that three times.

If it doesn't work - well, I tried :)

reader_iam said...


I went back to doing laundry and sorting some papers.

Very grounding.

All better now. Also, thanks!


knoxgirl said...

isn't googling "internet" like looking up "Dictionary" in the dictionary?

MadisonMan said...

I wonder if there's a number that when you google it, returns that number. 'billion' has half a billion hits. 'million' has 1.5 billion.

It's interesting that the number of hits for 'one', 'two', 'three', ... 'nine' steadily decreases, then jumps back up at 'ten'.

Well, I thought it was interesting

Jeremy said...

Madison, if that happens then the singularity is achieved and either the internet explodes or we all get free tacos from Taco Bell. I forget which.

ajh said...

I thought of this thread when I just did a search for "pbltth" One hit. and it wasn't even a Bill the Cat reference.