March 5, 2006

Audible Althouse #39.

A new podcast for you: getting ready for Oscar night, looking at a snow-covered tree, why I like to simulblog TV shows I don't like, why I'm not one of your "wonderful people in the dark," three posts about pee, leaving religion out of "Walk the Line," Tony Blair's mention of God, and the gender mysteries of Don Knotts.

You don't need an iPod to listen. You can stream it right on your computer here.

UPDATE: The clip is fixed now.


Palladian said...

Seems there's a problem, Ann. The posted file is very short, like 3 minutes or so.

Dale B said...

Volume was way down too.

Ann Althouse said...

I'll try to fix it. It was acting up tonight. Should be 37 minutes.

esk said...

Odd! The first link sounds like chipmunks to me (from both firefox and IE). I haven't had that problem with your other podcasts.

Downloading the MP3 works fine though.